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Which of indoor plants will be a perfect look in an interior hallway, bedroom or kitchen. 7 design ideas

Good afternoon dear friends!

Today I would like to talk about some of the plants would be more appropriate to look at the interior of the room, Depending on its functional purpose. Because not so long ago he was faced with this nuance!

Frankly, as a child I am extremely skeptical of houseplantsAnd years later realized that was wrong! After all, what is the cheapest and most effective way to revitalize the interior and give it style, originality? Correctly! Add houseplants, regardless of whether they are round or decorative flowering leafy, curly, herbs or succulents. And so, today, I picked up the 7 coolest ideas that will help you choose an indoor plant, depending on its location.

Not to mention their beneficial properties, whether it is air purification, oxygen generation, filled with aroma of space, and simply reducing stress levels, anxiety and improved sleep. So why do not you add a variety of indoor plants, which are well adorn the entrance hall, living room, kitchen or even the bathroom?

1.Hallway - Ficus Ali. Half wood, half-plant! This type of indoor plants are very easy to maintain, at the same time easily be able to add aesthetics of your hallway. And put him in a pot of beautiful bohemian figure, you will make an emphasis that will clearly stand out from all of your interior.

Do not forget that it is great feeling, "more or less" bright room, does not lose a lot of leaves and easy to tolerate change its location.

2.Living - high dekorativnolistnyh plant Scheffler. Very easy to clean, and absolutely not whimsical. Put him in the decorative wicker basketYou will attach living roomnatural look and a relaxed atmosphere.

Enough strong plant requires watering from time to time (only if the ground was dry) and trim.

3.Dining - Bird of Paradise. If you really want to WOW-effect in the decoration of the room, it leaves the plant with impressive and vivid colors Your option. And thanks to its impressive size, it can be perfectly zoned space between dining roomand the living room!

Bird of Paradise - quite sturdy plant with large glossy leaves and flowers like a bird that does not require special care (watering about once a week). There is a drawback - is flourishing, when there is sufficient natural light.

4.Kitchen - herbs. There is no better solution for the decoration of your kitchen than its decoration with fresh herbs. The choices are endless - basil, sage, thyme, rosemary... Growing grass in beautiful bright vintage containers or pots, You bring exquisite ingredient kitchen interier.

The undeniable advantages mini-kitchen garden It includes - a year-round, and the ability to grow several varieties of herbs at the same time.

5.Bathroom - Ficus robusta. Easy to clean, not fastidious in coverage, does not lose leaves and a good feeling in the room with high humidity. And adding to the interior of his stylish bathroom just one such plant, you will bring a unique decorative element and color, almost monochrome room.

By features ficus robusta can be attributed to the love of the water, so try to water it often! However, giving a soil to dry between waterings.

6.Bedroom - sansevieriya. This plant is easy to tolerate the muffled light, sunlight or indirect lighting, so easily fit into the interior of your bedroom. Depending on its size will be a perfect look as nightstandAnd in the corner of the room. And thanks to the graphic sheet, it will bring an elegant touch to your room!

The undeniable advantage of this kind of potted plants - is ease of care. Furthermore, it cleans the air and produces oxygen. However, it can not stand the cold.

7.Work zone - philodendron. Its main aesthetic appeal comes from its leaves with different forms depending on the type: jagged, blade, lancet... and an extensive range of colors. leaves palette philodendron diverse: from the bright shades of green to red extravagant. It will be a perfect look for any of the shelvesin your work area.

Philodendron not fastidious in the care (watering about once a week), it is easy to integrate to any interior style.

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