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6 cool design ideas for the decor of your bathroom, with stickers.

Good afternoon dear friends!

What if the family budget does not allow you to update the interior of a bathroom entirely? And the space it seems you uncomfortable, dull and cold? No problem! There is a simple, but ingenious solution.

stickers It is probably one of the easiest and cheapest decorations to decorate the interior space of your home and bathroom in particular. In addition, the market is currently a huge selection, as they say: "For every taste, color and budget !!" This is a very simple and convenient! Today I picked up the 6 original design solutions that will help to revive the space in your bathroom, give it personality and hipness due labels.

Also - modern technology can not stop on a standard design is already available on the market, stickers! You can easily print your favorite picture, the main thing: to choose the right size and resolution of the original image! And while the decision - is quite a budget option.

1.The mood in the morning. This is the case when the label brings a certain character - creates a mood. Everything depends on you, how it will be: a playful and cheerful or romantic and philosophical!

It remains to find the right words (phrase) and the location to give your mood and cozy stylish bathroom!

2.mirrored bar.The mirror in the interior- oh, how much has this decorative element is said and written, but the fact remains. It gives personality, brightness and creates a space where it does not exist (the visual illusion).

And if suddenly your soul needs a large mirror, and the money it is not! Dont be upset! You can get help from mirror stickers - easily and with style!

3.A fun sticker for the toilet. Comic design, cheerful solution. Suitable decorative stroke for people with a sense of humor.

A unique way to showing the mischief and individuality of your personality.

4.natural motifs. Add softness and freshness in your bathroom. Such a decision - is a great way to dilute the cold or "medical" air bath, bring a sensual touch to your space!

Flowers, colors and spicy notes in the interior design of bathroom - success is guaranteed!

5. Baby joy. If your life is at the moment subject to little angels. Why not make him happy? It's so fun - take a bath and dream: the incredible adventures of the unknown little animals, etc.

Your baby It's exactly like the solution!

6. Stencil on glass. Cute and playful, laconic and strict, and maybe just graffiti. Such an interesting solution for the lowest cost in both time and effort.

Nothing complicated. Importantly, do not be afraid to experiment and WOW - the effect is guaranteed!

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