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How to surprise everyone with his stylish and original bedroom. 6 creative ideas.

Good afternoon dear friends!

You have decided to decorate and equip bedroom? But are not sure what style and décor you choose! Make it cool and light? Or rather bourgeois and chic? Bring pop and dynamics? Cozy or bohemian?

modern bedroom - a cozy, comfortable and elegant spaceDesigned not only for sleeping, but also for pastime - reading, and sometimes even for morning coffee. Therefore, choosing decor for your bedroom, you first need to determine the effect you want to achieve! So, if you want to give the spirit of lightness and freshness of your space, it is better to use bright colors, even pastel - shades of blue, coral or pink! For greater effect boudoir - dark colors, such as claret, purple or dark gray. So, today I picked up 6 design solutions that will help makeYour bedroom - elegant, Cozy and unique.

Feel free to use in the decoration of the bedroom different materials for finishingWhich easily can be combined according to their own tastes and preferences. However, remember that the decor has some traps! For example, it is not recommended to mix more than three colors.

1.3-D panel. Circles, triangles, squares! In the end, you decide which of the patterns more suited to your personal needs and preferences. But if you want to bring individuality and make impeccable decorThen this is your option. In addition, apart from purely decorative effect, they have several advantages, including sound - and heat insulation.

With regard to the dimensions of panels, the most commonly used dimensions 400 × 400 × 500 cm and 500 cm.

2.wooden wall. Tree in the decor - it is always stylish and fashionable! Wooden accents offer a unique comfort in each room, and are particularly suitable for modern bedrooms.

decorate the walls boards, decorative panels or wallpaper that mimic wood, and see that the interior of your bedroom will change immediately!

3.rectangular mirror. Have you ever thought about using a particular decorative element in the bedroom? What would you say, for example, a checkered pattern or bands? How about decor using rectangular mirrors?

This decorative technique is sure to give attractiveness, uniqueness and effectiveness of your bedroom.

4.Gorgeous pattern for bedrooms. thanks modern wallpaper You can easily create a vintage, rustic, industrial room, while not spending a fortune. Even under the condition that you want to use bright colors and patterns, your bedroom can still be warm and comforting with proper selection of auxiliary colors and accessories.

However, if you do decide to use a rich color, it is best to stay on the decoration of one of the walls (Accent wall), rather than all at once bedroom walls.

5.Decorative electric wires. Unconventional and super aesthetic solution for both the walls and ceiling! Rather than hide the electrical wiring, why not put it on display in such a trivial way? Chandeliers, bedside fixtures

The main thing is to come to the bedroom decor creatively and give free rein to your imagination.

6.courageous color palette. Yellow color - a warm, bright color, which for most people creates positive associations. If you want to make your bedroom more spacious, using a lot of yellow hue that will create an atmosphere of spring.

But beware: this color has an energetic effect and some people can play a cruel joke (can have problems with sleep)! But if it is, use it as a small accent (mat, Pillows).

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