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6 cool and elegant color combinations of kitchen furniture, wall and floor for your kitchen.

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To efficiently and tastefully decorate the kitchen, whether it is large or small, it is first necessary to start with color matching. Because true color combination in the kitchen - a 100% guarantee of success of its decor!

Long since kitchen ceased to be a space (general staff) only housewives, now it is the nerve center of the entire house. For this reason, it should be not only functional, but also comfortable, and for this you first need to choose the right combination wall colors, Floor, furniture and accessories. Today I picked up 6 color options that will help you create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen and personalize it.

Regardless of whether the color complement each other or are in a section (a chromatic circle), they will form a wonderful, magical duo (trio, quintet) privnosyaschy in your kitchen space glamor style and trendy!

1. Lemon-yellow and dark. If you are a fan of bright and juicy color paletteAnd you want the kitchen was filled with personality this is your option. The main thing to balance the effect of the color of lemon-yellow kitchen cabinets, placing them on the wall, painted in dark colors.

Pearl-gray walls perfectly balances the surrounding area and give your kitchen an elegant look.

2.Dark varnished and parquet. If you are in the kitchen parquet flooring, the best thing will be looked dark and monochromatic, preferably lacquered kitchen. Amazing contrast colors and materials will bring an elegant touch to your kitchen space.

The main thing to find a balance in combination contemporary and an old-fashioned cover to keep one of them did not take a leading role, but only emphasized the overall decor of your kitchen space.

3.bright bar. The ideal solution for people who can not live without the pop style. However, in this room, like the kitchen, items acidic color furniture can seem excessive. Therefore, the right decision will be - neutral color palette of the walls, natural and natural color of the floor, BUT, bright home appliances.

Whether it is an oven or refrigerator, it does not matter: it is important to introduce a shade of bright and strong colors - shocking pink, poisonous yellow, etc. And a good mood, which goes hand in hand with good taste, you guaranteed!

4.Peppermint and pastel color (orange) hue. To give your kitchen a fresh minty shade Bring color (one of the shades green), And for the more concise and warm results, mix it with orange tint. So if you want a green kitchen, the floor and walls should be light pink and pastel tones, respectively.

Gourmet and creating a retro effect, select the mosaic floor, which is perfectly connected in various color palette of the kitchen, in the kaleidoscopic chromatic game with a really chic result.

5.The varied color palette. a riot of color in the kitchen - ideal not only for a country house, but also for the typical New York City (Big Apple) loft with purified brickwork. The main rule that should be followed in terms of design - a kaleidoscope of bright colors is good, only works if the card house or apartment in the style of «country»!

And if so, do not hesitate to Bring color due to the cabinets, chairs, pots and a variety of decorative accessories.

6.kaleidoscope of color and black-and-white. If you want to decorate the kitchen floor in black and white "checkerboard", then without fear for the outcome you can bring to the interior of kitchen space - layering different colors (vintage).

This decor will allow you to use not only the bright colors, but "things kitsch," which in this atmosphere are transformed and converted into accentual bar Boho style.

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