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For someone decor small studio apartment - a headache, but for me - inspiration. 6 tough decisions.

Good afternoon dear friends!

You live in A small studio apartmentAnd you dream of high-grade apartment? Maybe she just stopped to meet your lifestyle? Do you think that a small space does not involve trendy and stylish decor?

Believe me, turn studio apartment in the banal and dull room - a cozy and fashionable space - this is not a utopia! The main thing is not to take lightly the decor and the approach to address this issue with fantasy! the original wall painting, Floor and ceiling, design, cutting-edge or restored furniture, nontrivial lighting, Decorative objects and accessories... Today I picked up 6 creative ideas that will help you make the apartment a memorable and bring it in functionality, brightness and modernity.

Another plus is not contestable in the decoration and arrangement small space - a relatively small budget!

1.Geometric patterns for decoration. To decorate a small apartment, it is best to act accented - small touches! For example, a wonderful geometric pattern in the form of triangles and squares of various color palette will bring an elegant touch and modern look of your apartment (

carpet, Wall, ceiling, lighting).

Glass wall separating the bedroom and designer armchairs in the kitchen and living roomperfectly balance the surrounding small space.

2.Exposed brick walls and a wall. The original solution that easily give character to your a small studioAnd in combination with white walls contrasting WOW-effect is guaranteed to you! A perfect example of how a strong contrast plays an important role in interior design.

Another awesome bar, which competes with brick wall and attracts attention - Graphic wall that elegantly separates the bed from the rest of the studio.

3.Black-and-white decor. Discreet and elegant solution for decorating small spaces. For example, a black sofa on a white background wall - great ability to bring a graphical effect black-White decor.

A decorative elements and accessories, be it photos, veil..., give a dynamic touch, without increasing the color palette.

4.Original pieces of furniture. To best decorate small apartmentYou have to be creative - trays-bed, coffee table - restored drawers, etc.! And with a simple decorative touches (red paint) you relive the interior, and will bring personality into a small space - a bed, a table, a wall in the kitchen!

The final, but not unimportant, special emphasis, giving modern style (Lounge) will be - the hammock!

5.Pastel color palette. Regardless of the size of your apartment, warm and comfortable décor always played an important role in the interior. Whether it's graphical cushion, a pouf of knitting yarns, frame on the wall or fancy lighting!

A magnificent example of how a pastel color palette is represented throughout the interior, will bring fresh air Scandinavian style and comfort.

6.decorative objects. To give life and to decorate a small apartment, why not bring green bar (At the corner of the room or at the dining room table)? Timeless and win-win solution!

CurtainSeparating the bedroom, sculpture, stool, these are the elements that can give nature a small space, without unnecessary frills.

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