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Air-to-water heat pump with your hands - part one

Why heat pump instead of a gas: preparation, assembly

If necessary, an alternative to the blue fuel can be not only a solid fuel boiler with accumulator tank, but also the heat pump. Want to save on gas supply? FORUMHOUSE offers a history of the user with the nickname batt87, which heats homemade house heat pump, rather than to hold gas.

Why despite the gasification SNT, can not connect

I live in the CHT in the suburbs of Krasnodar third year, no gas, electricity at the usual tariff of 5.38 rubles. day and 2.89 rubles. night. Please tell about gas.

We in the CHT have a project on gasification of our neighbors and the CNT and the. conditions for connection to the existing hydraulic fracturing (gas distribution substation) 2 km away. Cost of the project to date, 1 million. rub., we did 5 years ago, together with the neighboring SNT, eventually came out on 3000 rubles. person, t. e. of the 2,000 sites that appear in the project, handed over the money to the project to 300 people.

Now we thought about how many gas companies will cost the installation of the pipeline and installation of hydraulic fracturing in our CSP in the end it was about 8 million. rub., if you create a group of the same 300 people. And we remind you that in 2000 the project for gasification sites Retrieved from each 8 million / 300 pax = 27 m. p., rounded up to 30 t. p. After installing the hydraulic fracturing, we will have to "throw" of the pipe through the streets and output taps at each site, This is the second part of the gas supply, there's most likely wishing to participate will increase for each 1 km. I think we find the streets 50 who want to bring the gas valve on your site. The money will be a little cheaper: 6 million. 2 km., obtained 6 Mio / 100 persons = 60 m. p. Already 60 + 30 = 90 m. P., Rounded to 100 m. P. In principle, an excellent price to make gas at your site.

But here's the last part of the gasification plant pipes in the house, which is about 30 m pipe, kills all initiative. T. k. 100 m. p. Gorgaz simply takes as a bribe under the guise of all not necessary stuff, without which the gas valves in your home will not open. For example, require installation of counter 10 m. P., Instead of 2.5 m. P., Project coordination is 10 m. P., Although it will be 0 Br. Installation work of 30 meters of pipe offer to perform a "proven" the guys who have the price of the material and the work is overstated at least 2 times. When the work + material should be 50-60 m. P., You will find 100-120 m. P.

When everything is ready, and paid for, coming from 3 different people Gorgaz to enter your piece of pipe (30 meters) operation (the pipe to check the boiler check valves check project check and so on. d.), and it still stands 30 m. p. Although the installation of doing their "proven" guys and all acts and tests are required when a contractor delivery of the works, as a result of an overpayment of 10 + 60 + 30 = 100 m. P.

Already has run 100 (pipe) 80 (in the house) +100 (bribes) = 280 m. P., It's a lot, and it is unlikely to such figures, we shall find of 2000 people and 200 people. Therefore, I realized that we GAZ 5-10 years to be seen.

parameters of the house

. House 7h12 m, two-storey, brick rubble of the walls Pie Presents: The half-brick / air 3-4 cm / half brick / plaster + paint.. Floors - tiles.

Heating underfloor heating, without batteries on each floor of 8 floor heating circuits. Floors, remember, tiles, under underfloor extruded polystyrene.

Heating electric boiler EVAN 9 kW 220 V and a split: the two systems on the ground floor, LESSAR firm on 9K BTU 12K BTU and not the inverter.

Veda Statistics in EXCEL cost to operate the house, like all count, check and keep under control.

Development of the concept, components, drawings

I have long wanted to try to assemble the heat exchanger freon-water instead of the indoor unit split.

Why split because splits are now so cheap that the worker / used external power 48,000 BTU can be found for 10,000 rubles., Is pushing to experiment.

In the summer of 2019 I began the search for a "donor" for the heat pump, searching for at least 24,000 BTU operating the outdoor unit, but in the summer the prices for splits a bit expensive and the choice is not so much as in the off-season. As a result, I found a new split of Leroy, Monlan 12K BTU with a broken indoor unit for 8000 rubles. (New costs 13,000 rubles).

The housing of the internal heat exchanger decided to make a metal gas cylinder 50 l., Bought it just to Leroy for 2500 rubles., In the summer of cylinders less at 500 rubles., In winter it is worth 2999 rubles.

I found a shop in Krasnodar with the equipment for refrigeration and bought a proper Split my copper pipe 3/8 "15 meters (2500 rub.) and 1/4 "15 meters (1500 rbl.) and all sorts of corners and reductions for soldering on the pipes (they are not expensive at 20-30 rubles. each). Ibid bought electrode with silver brazing copper tubing (200 rubles.) And cheapest electrode (50 rubles.) For soldering to training, soldering copper pipes never tried. Fittings for the balloon picked Leroy normal steel, they are about 50 rubles. stand.

The circuit of the heat exchanger in the tank 50 l.
The circuit of the heat exchanger in the tank 50 l.
Implement a scheme of my heating system.
Implement a scheme of my heating system.

Assembling system with a heat pump

• Uballona fortunkoy cut the neck of a crane, so that the hole was 160 mm., Himself a balloon diameter of 28-30 cm.

• Make a hole for welding ebbs 1 '4 pcs., For connection to an existing heating system (type gidrostrelki happened, look to find what it is, why and how it works).

• making a hole for welding ebbs 1/2 "3 pcs., Bottom cylinder 1 to the middle in the bottom portion for discharging slag, and two openings for the withdrawal of the copper pipe.

• Drug welder top flange welded steel with an internal diameter of 160mm and a piece of steel 10 mm thick cut out cutter cover.

• Also, each welded all sleeves.

• The lid was drilled bolt piece 8, coaxially with the holes in the flange.

• inside the container all sprinkled orthophosphoric acid and wherein the pulled hand brushed with a wire brush, after painted, priming paint for metal from rust, all the seats inside the balloon and sleeves all inside, and to paint.

• Twist copper tube 3/8 "coil around a conventional sewer pipe of 110 mm., The tube took 10 3/8 m.

• Twist copper tube 1/4 "coil around the same sewer pipe of 110 mm. 1/4 pipe took 5 m.

• reduction of copper soldered to 3/8 to 1/4, and two soldered copper coil spring turned a copper tube height direct under balloon cover (the diagram is drawn on top as the coil is made). For the future, the soldering is better to do then, outside the cylinder and coil do entirely of pipes 3/8 ", so just will not leak Freon inside the balloon and repair will be much easier.

• For cylinders welded metal profiles, bought in Leroy to be hung on the wall.

Then flipping through the pages on the Internet, I came across our Krasnodar company "Heat", which sold at a huge discount of heat air / water pump on inverter compressor, 5 kW of heat, I booked it online and paid (50 m. p.), with slight difficulty in accounting to me given.

The result: I have one heat pump factory execution and 1 heat pump, I do myself. Boiler room I have very little, so that all plump but fit.

Harness all did itself, soldered pipes, plastic is not very difficult, the main thing - all measure more accurately and fittings before cutting pipes. And the installation of threaded connections do not use the FUM tape.

I have a connection with it all flowed and I just rewrote the 5 ones, other compounds in the LEN + Multipak. Now all connections LEN + Multipak.

How much cost the system, what are the costs for heating, why gasification longer irrelevant and video systems - in continuing.

More stories in the first person - in the thematic section.

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