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Repair small kitchen. The best ideas are everything. Part 1.

If your apartment has a small kitchen - that's no reason to be upset. Even a few square meters of the corner of your home can be comfortable and functional as possible. We gladly share with you some unconventional ideas and tips for implementing the planning and design of a kitchen interior.

Bright hues.

The white color is perfect for registration small kitchen. Its presence in the interior creates a feeling of space, increasing the space visually. To the interior did not seem too simple, you can use several shades of white as well as a combination of contrasting textures. For example, the kitchen can be glossy facades, walls - brick and apron - glass.

InGlowe or single-row set.

In most cases, for a small kitchen is optimal L-shaped layout. Firstly, it is compact, and secondly, allows to use two adjacent walls and the angle between them, to arrange the plate, sink and a refrigerator according to the principle "of the triangle". Much depends on the shape of the room and the area. For example, for very small kitchens (5 sq. m) more suitable for linear layout. For maximum convenience, the headset-row operating points need to place in the following order: fridge - sink - cutting zone - plate. If the kitchen is narrow, it is possible to view and double-row layout. The main thing is to pass between

furnishings It was not less than 100 cm.


Replan, tends to complicate, delays and costly repairs, because of the need for it to draft and obtain permission from the housing inspections. However, it was with her help, you will achieve the best results. Several ways of possible solutions to optimize the space:

  • The combination of a small kitchen, living room.
  • Joining the loggia.
  • Combining with a hallway / corridor.

Alteration of the sill.

The window sill can be built into a headset or turn in the bar. Just do not forget to do a window sill in the tabletop a few holes for warm air circulation. Otherwise, the window will always fog up, and it threatens the emergence of mold.

Refusal of doors.

Instead of doors can be left open doorway, decorated aprons, convert it into an arch, hang curtains or install sliding doors.

Using the built-in mini-appliances.

Save space in the kitchen can be due to household appliances. Firstly, it must necessarily be built, rather than a free-standing. This will save not only precious centimeters, but also create the effect of seamless and homogeneity of the working area of ​​fronts. Secondly, as far as possible, the technique should choose thumbnail sizes. So, instead of a standard dishwasher is better to choose a width of 45 cm machine and hob - with two, rather than four burners. Thirdly, it is better to choose the multi-function devices, such as bread machine or multivarku-oven-microwave.

Set with an additional tier.

In kitchen with additional tiers and built-to-ceiling will provide you with lots of extra storage space.

Versatile and compact furniture for the dining area.

For example, the dining table is necessary to replace the bar, drop-leaf or coffee table. It is desirable that the furniture was visually light and compact. Well, if the table will be decomposed and / or have built-in drawers for storing napkins, candles and other details. Chairs for a small kitchen suitable light weight and by sight. If you often come to visit, it is necessary to get folding chairs.

Color spectrum.

Ideally, when decorating the walls of a small kitchen, it is necessary to use 2-3 colors in the preparation of the color gamut of the room. Bright colors are acceptable but in low doses and in combination with a neutral background.

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