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Polycarbonate greenhouse. Are there any advantages and... I regret that I bought it

Polycarbonate greenhouse

Several years ago I firmly settled down to permanent residence in a village near Moscow. Built a bathhouse, gazebo with barbecueand other buildings that are necessary by default for human life in the Moscow region.

Gazebo appearance

Gazebo with barbecue inside

Our land is hereditary, and whoever holds what positions and posts in real life city, but all the same, in the spring, as if enchanted, they planted potatoes, planted seedlings of tomatoes and cucumbers.

It is also good that the plot is small, therefore, if earlier the ancestors planted up to 15 acres of potatoes, then we limited ourselves to 4 beds no more than 6 meters in length. They collected about the same as they planted. But if they planted 2 buckets of small potatoes, then they dug 4-5 large buckets in the fall.

I also joined the spring plantings, otherwise the local village people, if you don’t hunch back on the ground in the spring, looked at you reproachfully.

A few years later, with great difficulty, I managed to convince my relatives to stop mocking potatoes, my body and the earth - we refused to plant potatoes every year. Before people changed their minds, I quickly planted the potato stain with blackberries. And it is not so easy to get rid of it if suddenly the desire arises again to return to potato production.

What am I all for. Besides, I was not satisfied with the agricultural life in the village at the level of the Stone Age. If we plant tomatoes or cucumbers, then we put supports and covered with foil. Torment - open / close, roll up the film, cover again... - GOT.

It was decided to put, like all suckers, a greenhouse. Having studied the topic superficially, we bought a 3X6 polycarbonate greenhouse.

As a foundation, I used curbs remaining from the laying of paths. A team of two arrived, and in a couple of hours we got what we wanted.

Objectively, it is very convenient. Negative factors began to accumulate as the greenhouse was exploited.

Two years of no worries. It's simple. In autumn, all the bushes of tomatoes and cucumbers must be dug up and burned, in winter, throw snow on the beds, in spring first wash the plastic with a kercher, then poison all the reptiles with a sulfur stick, add fertilizers and plant on new.

What is negative about operating a polycarbonate greenhouse?

If you follow the snow in winter, then you do not need to put supports inside the greenhouse, but you must carefully remove the snow from the greenhouse. I hit the polycarbonate a couple of times with a shovel and tore it. In the spring, I glued it with a wide skoch, and you can continue to operate the greenhouse. After 5 years of operation, the "transparency" of polycarbonate became cloudy and darker and darker with each season. I don’t believe in the topic of ultraviolet radiation and other turbidity, but if the sun and natural light do not enter the greenhouse, then I believe that tomatoes and cucumbers feel uncomfortable, which will affect the harvest. Earth. The land needs to be changed every three years. Those. it is necessary to remove the top layer on the beds, take it somewhere, and fill the beds with fresh soil. But if without a stationary greenhouse I could simply plow everything up, thereby "refreshing" the earth, now we need to get rid of the earth. Watering. Usually the rain itself solves this problem, in the greenhouse you have to do irrigation every day.

What are the conveniences of a greenhouse?

The greenhouse is therefore called a greenhouse, from the word "warm". The greenhouse effect accelerates the germination and ripening of vegetables. In winter, it is convenient to put snow removal equipment on, so as not to drag it into the barn. There is no need to constantly jump around the supports and, like with a tambourine, remove and cover the bushes of vegetables with foil. Purely. Conveniently. Aesthetic.

If there is anything else useful and beneficial, then the positive properties in no way apply to a polycarbonate greenhouse. And the appearance for 5 years has lost its "lightness" and "transparency", and aesthetics have also lost their attractiveness.

Of course, a greenhouse for 20,000 rubles and a greenhouse made of glass, costing from 150,000 rubles, is a big difference, but, perhaps, I will build a glass greenhouse. In any case, it is more durable and more practical.

Are there any other opinions? Write. I am not a very experienced "collective farmer" and have never been a summer resident. And I will accept any advice if it will only benefit.

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Polycarbonate greenhouse. Are there any advantages and... I regret that I bought it

Polycarbonate greenhouse. Are there any advantages and... I regret that I bought it

Polycarbonate greenhouseSeveral years ago I firmly settled down to permanent residence in a villa...

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