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9 cool products from Leroy Merlin for home renovation, apartment (February)

Was in this store today. What I like is that there is everything: from a nail to pillows. Huge selection, you can walk for hours looking for the right things for your home. It is good that the assortment is often changed (updated).

Prepared a small review with a photo. Lots of useful repair items that I didn't know about before.

Magnetic elbow

Used for fixing parts during cutting or welding. Precise alignment of angles with it will ensure the quality of work. Supports up to 22 kg.

The cost is 250 rubles.

Flax is not needed

Gel - thread sealant. Designed for metal flange and threaded connections. The polymerization time is 20 minutes. Resistant to heating antifreeze. Scroll through the gallery (photo) to see detailed instructions.

This is the easiest way to seal threaded connections. Price RUB 123

Magnetic bowl

A useful thing for a home craftsman. Holds bits, nails, screws well. It seems like a trifle, but how much is useful in this trinket. Saves nerves and time.

Now nothing will crumble to the floor. It costs about 200 rubles.

Tester voltage probe

Sonic screwdriver indicator. It is very convenient in work, compared to the rest. Neat, small and inexpensive. Suitable for determining whether or not there is voltage without removing the electrical tape.

Thread for sealing threaded connections

Another useful thing for renovation.

For metal and plastic pipes. For cold and hot water supply systems. Composition: polyamide thread, silicone. 20 meters. It costs 100 rubles.

Telescopic lantern

A necessary assistant for a home craftsman, car enthusiast.

Flashlight with a magnet. Easy to reach metal parts from hard-to-reach places. Strong, holds even pliers. runs on batteries.

Soldering iron

The gas soldering iron does not require an electrical connection. In a hike, in the country, in the garage - an irreplaceable thing.

But according to many reviews, gas is poisoning from everywhere. Gas ends in 10 minutes and adjustment does not help.

Connection terminal

For connecting copper and aluminum solid conductors.

It costs 290 rubles. They fix the wires well, are easy to use. According to many reviews, the price is slightly overpriced. In other stores it is cheaper.

Illuminated Gloves

An irreplaceable product for repair. You can work even in the dark. you point your finger and everything is lit. Suitable for any hand.

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