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Flying tractor and a drunken foundation: a selection of funny photos from the construction site

The construction site is not a place for jokes, but sometimes funny incidents occur there that fall into the lenses of cameras. These are the funny moments we want to share. See a selection of construction humor, like it, subscribe to the channel!

Not mine - not scary!

While the bosses do not see, you can perform a couple of tricks from the Fast and the Furious. But somehow I don't want to ruin my car, but the master's equipment will survive! And the tractor is iron - there is nothing to break there.

What happened here?

It is this question that I want to ask when looking at such works of architectural art. Perhaps the balconies were superfluous, or maybe the foreman went over a little and decided to do it his own way?

But the story of the toilet is generally beyond the scope of sober understanding. What? How? What for? The brain breaks down from these questions. Who has a version - write in the comments.

Great minds at the construction site

Cutting the branch on which you are sitting is wrong. Breaking the floor you are standing on, according to these wonderful people, is not a violation of safety precautions. If only they did not start sawing the reinforcement while standing on it.

But this citizen was given a trolley to facilitate work, which he carried with him. Maybe he doesn't have a driving license, but more likely, he doesn't know what this strange thing with a wheel is for.

Negligence or forgetfulness?

You can get carried away with work to that extent. To do - done, but how to pull a ladder - a task. In order for workers not to waste time removing foreign objects from building structures, the foreman should cut the ladder and deduct its cost from the salary of careless builders.

Editing geniuses

You can sculpt anything to anything and do it in violation of every conceivable rule. But the question is - how long will it last? The TV has already hit the floor, showing the careless installer the weak fixings. But the split-system block is still holding, but this is not for long.

Drunken foundation and levitating batteries

Here we can assume that the builders receive wages in liquid currency. It is impossible to create such a thing in a sober mind and good memory! Or is it possible? Write in the comments!

Facing unusual incidents on a construction site? Post photos in the comments, discuss!

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