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Shingle roof and facade. Material for a bath and a gazebo at the price of firewood

For gazebos in the original style, close to the design of a hunting lodge, a roof and shingle facade elements are suitable:

The gazebo in this design looks original

Shingles are planks made by cleaving certain types of wood from wooden blocks that are least susceptible to decay: larch or aspen. Another name or analogue of shingles is shingle.

Previously, when there were no roofing materials in the villages, or they were too expensive for ordinary residents, they used this method of obtaining boards. I remember from my childhood a building with such a roof, used for keeping livestock. Only the shingles were about a meter long.

Shingle roof close up. As you can see, the saw cut of the bar from which the shingles are made should be at an angle and then on the roof it is vertical (there will be a more harmonious look).

The shingles are laid either on the bars (boards) of the rafter system, nailed at a certain pitch, or on a flat OSB surface. To prevent leakage, 2/3 of the board is closed with overlying elements. The gap between the shingles should not fall into the slots of the bottom row (staggered stacking).

In some places shingles are also used on residential buildings. The inner corners of the roof of the house are made with smooth turns. Or they just use corners made of roofing metal and they are not covered with shingles. For residential buildings, it is better to use a lining carpet under the shingle covering, which is used for soft tiles.

Aspen shingles turn black over time - keep this in mind. And from larch it becomes a dark amber color. You can try to postpone this aging process by impregnating the wood with alkyd impregnation. This will help with the aspen. And resinous larch weakly absorbs even solvents.

The roof is made of two-tone shingles. Looks exclusive, original, in the style of buildings from the past. For a bath, that's it.

The cost of shingles from manufacturers - from 650 to 1000 rubles / m2. But you can save these funds and make a small party for a bathhouse or a gazebo. A special tool is needed:

Drawing of a wood splitter for shingles on the third slide. We order firewood in chocks and chop shingles.

Machine tools are used for production for sale. It is unlikely that someone will be engaged in assembling them, tk. the demand for this roofing material is small.

But for facades shingles are underestimated, they don't use it in vain:

Selecting a part of a wall, for example, inside a terrace is an interesting option. Just don't forget to cover the facade with decorative wood impregnation. For terraces protected from rain, pine elements can also be used. The main thing is that the wood is as dry as possible. For this, the shingles must be dried after manufacturing. The process of installing aspen shingles on the facade of the house is shown in the video:

A similar technique is used on the roof.

I came across an interesting photograph of the design of the gazebo roof from such a shingle - a figured sawn planed board:

At one time, the facade of the veranda of the mother's house in the village was decorated according to the following principle:

A source

Of course, the durability and appearance of a shingle roof is inferior to modern roofing materials. But on non-critical and non-residential buildings in villages - why not. The new is the well-forgotten old.

If difficulties do not stop you, you like to experiment, then you can get something exclusive with a small cost of material, which the rest do not have.


Photo taken from open sources, from Yandex. Pictures

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