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Battery Heated Winter Gloves

Winter is ahead. Someone will switch to winter activities: active recreation (skiing, winter fishing, someone has a snowmobile). And someone will continue construction in winter conditions (as a professional builder and there are no pauses in work for him). But they all have one thing in common - warm clothes. Now there is a large selection of thermal underwear, insulated jackets, down jackets.

But if you are motionless for a long time or there is frost outside the window, then these modern clothes will not keep your warmth for a long time. Especially with mittens and gloves. Resourceful Chinese manufacturers have invented (or maybe copied) battery-heated gloves.

There are already many nutritional options for gloves, as well as the styles themselves. Let's consider a few that, in my opinion, are worthy of attention.

1. First option - men's gloves with heating from three AAA elements (for each glove).

Waterproof long gloves. Batteries are not included in the package. AAA size plastic finger boxes fit into the pockets at the bottom of each glove. On the seller's page, you can watch a video from the buyer. And in the photos, the products look like this:

According to reviews, the quality is good, the threads do not stick out. But the heating element is on the back of the gloves. This is done in order not to damage the heating threads when bending the palm. Because there is a large load on the tissue in the palm area. Minus design - fingers in gloves are not heated. But the heat from the heated air inside the gloves will be transferred to the fingers. Element heating up to 55 gr. promotes such heat transfer. There is no heating regulator.

One charge of three batteries with a capacity of 1500 mA is enough for several hours of heating. This version of gloves provides for the replacement of elements (if you still have charged batteries). For example, it is convenient for a long stay in the forest or for winter fishing.

2. Second option - gloves powered by USB cable.

The option is cheaper. Two color options: blue and red. The set includes a USB cable through which you can connect power from a power bank (hide it in an inner pocket). USB cable length - 1.4 m. Waterproof fabric. The gloves have a reflective stripe. Photos:


Heating the element inside the gloves is also up to 55 g. And it is also located on the back of the hand. Conveniently, there is a switch on the cable. This option is more suitable for outdoor activities - for skiers, for example. In design and color, it matches many ski jackets.

3. Third option heated gloves - gloves with supplied Li-Ion batteries.

Also in a sporty style. Available in two colors: black with blue or yellow. In the back there is a pocket for Li-Ion batteries. Similar to those used in RC models and quadcopters. The declared capacity is 4000 mA * h each. But there is one but. The seller decided to invest in the package with 4 batteries of 2000 mAh each. You will have to change when you discharge and carry them somewhere with you. The set includes a battery charger. Buyers pictures:

On the back of the gloves there is a switch, which is also a switch for the heating mode. Three modes that are indicated by LED strips. The side of the palm is made of eco-leather-like material, i.e. does not get wet.

A short video review of similar heated gloves (but in a different color and with a different battery capacity):

If you additionally purchase a high-capacity battery, you can increase the heating operation time. Or use it as a reserve.

4. Well, and the most budgetary option that is suitable for builders. You can buy these heating elements for clothes:

Size 8x13 cm. USB connectors and a cable for each element with a length of 1.4 m. Heating up to 45 gr. Power supply 5 V and current consumption 2A. Heating element type - carbon fiber.

Sew on cotton work gloves (not rubberized) to the back. There is no need to sew on the side of the palm. They can break from the load during bending.

We run the cable to the pocket with a power bank inside the outerwear (it can also be fixed with threads in the form of loops). Having put on these gloves, we put on insulated work gloves over them. This option for a worker will be cheaper than others. With a powerful power bank, of course. And the outer gloves can always be washed. Power bank cost with powerful elements

18650 10,000 mAh - within 1,000 rub. For these purposes, you can also purchase a starter and charger for a car:

Capacity 99800mAh, and dimensions that allow you to place it in an inner pocket of outerwear: 165 × 80 × 35 mm. Four USB ports. For a motorist, it is also useful for unforeseen cases - in cold weather, start the car if the battery is dead. It is also possible to power insoles, a heated vest from such a power bank (there are enough connectors for everything). But more on that in the next article.

This option for heating gloves is suitable for those who work as an installer, on a watch in the north, for builders in winter. These workers work all year round. And frosts in the north down to -50 when laying the pipeline is not a reason to sit in a change house.

On aliexpress you can purchase heating elements with heating of each finger:

But since this element above the finger will constantly bend, then it will not live long. It is this kind of heating that is short-lived.

If someone uses such gloves - write your review: what battery capacity is enough for how long and is there enough heat?


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