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Tomato varieties that have almost no flaws, which are praised by all the familiar Summer residents

Do you know the situation when tomatoes of a new variety for you, planted in spring, turned out to be terrible? I think this happened to almost every summer resident.

We decided to experiment and got not what we needed - a small harvest, tasteless fruits, simply an unsuitable variety. They wanted to get tomatoes for pickling - the variety turned out to have too thin peel, prone to cracking, and they are only suitable for salad. Sound familiar?

I am talking about several varieties that have practically no flaws. I made this list after several conversations with familiar summer residents - they are happy!

"First grader"

Do you want to get a harvest of "universal" tomatoes that are good for pickling and salad? Be sure to take a closer look at the "first grader".

A big plus for those who are confused by newfangled varieties with multi-colored fruits of unusual shapes: this variety looks in the most familiar way.

Moderately large, bright red tomatoes have a pleasant taste and a light but mouth-watering aroma. Ripen about 100 days after the first shoots have sprouted. They can grow both in the greenhouse and in the open field without any problems.

"Snow Leopard"

Are you worried that tomatoes will grow poorly in cool climates, especially if the coming summer does not pamper you with good weather? You should definitely take a closer look at this variety. "Snow leopard" is considered one of the most unpretentious types of tomatoes.

Good yields will not interfere with cold summers, in addition, this variety perfectly resists the effects of diseases and insect pests.

The dense peel allows you to transport tomatoes without fear that they will crack, in addition, they are suitable for harvesting and for fresh consumption.

"Eagle beak"

A variety dearly loved by all the familiar summer residents for its many advantages. Large fruits of an unusual shape (the elongated tip makes it look like a real bird's beak) have a bright, rich sweetish taste.

The dense and juicy pulp allows you to enjoy fresh tomatoes, as well as make wonderful preparations - it is especially good to marinate them with herbs.

The variety is not susceptible to diseases and tolerates difficult weather conditions, the peel does not break when transporting the crop. You can easily get 8-9 kg of tomato from one bush - excellent yield!

These are the varieties of tomatoes that I will plant during the next summer season and recommend to everyone else.

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