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Do you want a record harvest of Plums this year? Prune the tree correctly, and most importantly on time. I tell you how

Many summer residents grow a plum tree on their backyard plot. And I am no exception. I really like the fruits of this amazing tree, because they are not only tasty, but also healthy.

However, in order to regularly get a bountiful harvest, it is necessary to properly care for the plum. And in this article I will share some of the features and rules for pruning a plum tree.

Compared to other fruit trees, the plum is more compact and unpretentious, but at the same time the tree has a tendency to thicken the crown.

Because of this, the plum does not look very neat and, worst of all, the yield decreases and different diseases, since in the midst of these thickets favorable conditions are created for various pests.

Therefore, in order to get a good harvest, it is very important to take proper care of the tree and prune the crown in a timely manner.

How and when to prune plums?

This procedure depends on the age of the tree and on the period for its implementation.

But this list of manipulations applies to all situations:

1. Spring is considered the most prosperous period for pruning plums, as the tree has time to recover and prepare for winter.

2. Initially, I remove all shoots that are not growing properly.

3. In order for the branches to receive enough sunlight, you need to thin out the lush crown.

4. Then I shorten last year's gains. This is necessary to stimulate the growth of new shoots.

5. If the seedlings are still young, but they do not need to be cut very much, otherwise the crown will begin to form incorrectly.

6. I shorten the cultivar with little branching quite a bit, unlike the tree with strong branching.

7. As soon as the fruits appear, I try to prune only when necessary.

What is plum pruning for?

With a competently performed procedure, the life of the tree and its productivity are extended. All this has a positive effect on the immunity of the plum tree and its resistance to frost.

And most importantly, it ensures abundant fruiting. As for the formation of the crown, each gardener has his own personal options. However, a lot depends on the type of wood. The most important thing is not to overdo it.

The plum is not particularly durable, but it is possible to extend the life of the tree, but only through proper care and timely pruning of the fruit tree.

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