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Having moved to a country house, the first step was to ennoble the plot and flower beds: now local residents arrange photo sessions near them

Do you know what I think is the most important thing in housekeeping?

Beauty and aesthetics. I believe that people should live among beauty, make their life comfortable. And money has absolutely nothing to do with it. You can live in a rich, luxurious, but uncomfortable, ugly house.

Therefore, when we moved to a country house, the first thing I did was put beauty in front of the house, and created luxurious flower beds with my own hands from scratch.

In my flower beds, everything is harmonious and matches in color. I learn everything from nature and notice how colors combine in natural conditions.

We moved into the house in December. Since the end of February, I have been sowing seeds of various flowers, which I bought in the online store, and which the neighbors shared with me. I sowed it in cups, put it on the windowsills, illuminated it with special phytolamps.

For seedlings, watering, temperature conditions, lighting, feeding and air humidity are very important. If you do not take into account these factors and do not provide the plant with the necessary microelements, then you can hardly achieve a bountiful harvest.

I very responsibly approached the issue of growing flower seedlings. For irrigation, I used warm, settled water, added a handful of wood ash to it.

It is desirable that the water used for irrigation be at the same temperature as the air in the room where the seedlings are growing.

When feeding, I used liquid fertilizers, added them at every fifth watering.

In March, my husband made a small greenhouse, and I continued to grow flower seedlings in it.

Already in June, my flower beds looked fabulously beautiful, the locals did not stop admiring, they brought the children, took pictures, asked to share the seeds. These flower beds made us friends with the villagers, brought us closer, made us our own.

To create such a lively place, it is not necessary to have a luxurious palace of several floors with a servant, the most ordinary rural house is enough. Every house dreams to be loved and taken care of.

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