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How to spray "Women's Happiness" to quickly grow many beautiful leaves in a ball. I advise a proven remedy

How to spray "Women

Fiery fireworks, fellow flower growers!

Want to add beauty to spathiphyllum? Leaving care, and no one canceled effective feeding. I am telling you a recipe that stimulates the accelerated growth of the greenery of "Women's Happiness".

Conditions in which top dressing will work

Let's negotiate ashore. There is no magic wand that instantly transforms a houseplant without favorable conditions for growth. The rapid development at a Stakhanovian pace will begin when 3 factors coincide:

Spathiphyllum with rich greenery - decoration of any interior

Sufficient daylight hours. Spathiphyllum is a shade-tolerant plant. But a short day is not the best conditions for the rapid growth of new leaves. On the contrary: while it gets dark outside the window early, "Women's Happiness" is resting and waiting for an increase in daylight hours. And it was after the last Solstice at the end of December that the sundial began to slowly but surely increase. You can start feeding now - don't waste time.

Warm content. Do not forget, comrades: spathiphyllum came to us from tropical forests and is not adapted to low temperatures. From the cold, he will fall into a forced rest period, as well as from a short daylight hours. Therefore, keep the plant pot in a warm place, protecting it from the cold coming from the window and windowsill if possible.

Spathiphyllum-giant - variety "Sensation"

Sufficient watering. In the wild, spathiphyllum grows abundantly when it gets enough moisture. The intake of large volumes of water forces the plant to increase its evaporation area - to grow leaves one by one. Let's use this property to our advantage and prevent the substrate from drying out.

As you can see, comrades: there is nothing difficult in creating ideal conditions for the rapid growth of a citizen of spathiphyllum.. Keep warm close to the window and water when the topsoil is dry. And now to the fun part - feeding, playing the role of an accelerator of the growth of leaves in "Women's Happiness".

If the above conditions are met, we buy and prepare a stimulant feed

One macroelement is responsible for the growth of greenery in plants - nitrogen. It is needed not only for the formation of new leaves. Nitrogen also makes the color of the leaves more saturated. "Women's happiness", receiving enough substance, acquires a dark emerald color of the leaves. And your flower will look even more attractive.

On the other hand, for the formation of new and strong leaves, spathiphyllum requires calcium. In a plant, it performs approximately the same function as for a person: it is a brick for building the whole organism.

Both elements - nitrogen and calcium - are found in an excellent fertilizer - calcium nitrate. When used correctly, it visibly accelerates plant growth. Feel free to buy a few bags, comrades: very soon, calcium nitrate will be useful for seedlings.

I consider fertilizer an excellent helper for both the florist and the gardener

I advise you to use a solution of calcium nitrate as a means for foliar feeding. This means that we will spray spathiphyllum on the leaf. So the necessary chemical elements are absorbed faster. And the effect will not be long in coming.

For work, we need a solution with a concentration of 2-2.5%. This means that for 1 liter of water, you need to take 20-25 g of calcium nitrate. Usually it comes in a package of just 20 g, which I think is very convenient.

Dissolve the fertilizer crystals in water and spray with spathiphyllum. I repeat this every month from mid-January to April. And then I start making fertilizer that stimulates flowering.

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