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A nail from a coffin, an egg and other dirty tricks: how builders punish unscrupulous customers

At a construction site, sometimes misunderstandings arise between the customer and the contractor, leading to conflicts. The parties are quarreling not at all because of political views, but because of money. As a result of contradictions, a negligent builder is often left without payment. And most often it happens when the guarantee of the contract is the word of honor. But that's not the point. What dirty tricks the builders arrange in revenge - read on.

A nail from a coffin, an egg and other dirty tricks: how builders punish unscrupulous customers

Methods of the past

They strove to "throw" the builders at all times. But before, people were superstitious and somehow feared to offend the architects. It was believed that an angry carpenter would let worms and beetles into the hut, which would eat the logs. In modern terms: wood preservative will not do.

And they were also afraid that a disgruntled carpenter would hammer a coffin nail into the crown, which would bring illness and misfortune to the inhabitants of the dwelling. A nail from a coffin - damage is akin to a terrible curse. The measure is purely informational, but effective. Not a single inhabitant of those times wanted to get such an option for their home. Therefore, the builders were well fed and not deprived of payment for no good reason.

What now

Nowadays, witchcraft really works only on a few television channels: you can't scare a client with bugs and diseases. But new times require modern solutions and builders have come up with several ways to punish those who left them without wages.

Egg in the wall and more

The most common method is a chipped hen's egg hidden inside the house. Everything is done simply: the egg is pierced and walled up into the wall, under the tiles, under the door frame. Or just hiding behind drywall or deeper into the ventilation.

This mine has a delayed action. A terrible stench appears in a dwelling after 4-7 days and does not disappear until a year. In this case, it is very difficult for the customer to find the source of the smell. Especially when a dozen eggs are hidden in the house.

The publication uses photos from open sources

The man in the photo hid seven eggs in his client's apartment. He did this not for the purpose of revenge, but for the purpose of an additional fee. He told the apartment owners that he would tell where he hid the eggs for a reward of $ 100,000. rubles. He was detained while transferring the money.

Chicken embryos are not only placed under the plaster in the shell, but are also smeared under laminate or linoleum. To wash it off, as you know, is extremely problematic. If this happens, the floor covering will most likely need to be thrown away.

Fish, meat, milk

These products are also used as odor sources. They also create hard-to-reach places for the home owner and cause a stench. This is a serious punishment, since a house with such a “surprise” cannot be sold. But all this counts as flowers, compared to the next kind of revenge.

In this case, plaster or putty turns into a source of bad smell. Sour cream or milk mixed with an egg is added to the plaster or putty mixture. The solution is applied to the walls or ceiling, and after a while it fizzles out. "Fragrant" walls have to be completely cleaned of the finishing layer.

The source of the unpleasant odor found

Ventilation plug

Another method of revenge is to install an artificial plug deep in the ventilation. This is done with wet rags, debris, glass wool. The homeowner will have to spend well in order to restore the ventilation in the future.

Light music and useless sockets

This is an insidious trick from electricians. For its implementation, a vein is broken in a wire passing through the wall. For a while, such a wire functions, and then the contact is broken and the socket becomes useless, and the chandelier turns into a disco spotlight.

Sign contracts

In no way are we calling on the builders to take revenge. We just inform you that there are such cases in life. Perhaps this will save someone from buying a home with a "surprise" or stop thinking about fining workers for trifles.

In order to avoid meanness, namely, non-payment for work on the part of the client and foul-smelling revenge on the part of the contractor, conclude contracts and negotiate all the details before starting work. This will give the customer an opportunity to take a closer look at the contractor, and that, in turn, decide whether he meets all the established requirements.

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