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The 5 Sweetest Apple Trees that every Garden must have

The first varieties of apple trees began to be bred in ancient Mesopotamia and since then, naturally, the choice has become much richer! Personally, I have always adored apples as sweet as honey. And having appreciated the many varieties, I can recommend which ones should be planted to everyone who wants the sweetest apples!


The result of the labors of the renowned breeder Sergei Isaev! The first crop is harvested when the apple tree reaches 4-5 years. The fruits weigh 100-130 g and are appetizingly distinguished by a thin, delicate rind of yellow-golden color with a reddish blush. They have a subtle caramel flavor.

The only disadvantage of the variety is that they are kept fresh for only 2-3 weeks.

In rainy seasons, trees run the risk of being affected by scab, but on the other hand, they demonstrate high resistance to frosty, snowless winters.


Belongs to self-fertile varieties. Apples are harvested in July, at the age of 2-4 years, and it is important to hurry - the tree is prone to crumbling. And also, if several harvests were plentiful, then the tree can take "rest", that is, once every 3-4 years, miss one summer without bearing fruit.

Small fruits 50-70 g. The color of the skin is yellow-greenish with strokes or specks of pinkish blush. The pulp is the most delicate, fine-grained, there is a characteristic spicy-honey shade in its sweetness.

Golden Delicious

Apples of this variety of American origin ripen in late September and early October. With good care of the garden, the first time you can enjoy the fruits as early as 2 years after planting the seedling. The rind is golden in color and slightly rough. The pulp is juicy, sugar.

And what is important - fruits can be kept fresh until March-April. A feature of this variety is its weak drought resistance, so you need to water it regularly and well, otherwise fruiting becomes scarce and irregular.

Summer lungwort

The maximum yield occurs at 6-8 years, but fruiting begins at 3-4 years. Trees show resistance to powdery mildew but require regular pruning. Fruiting at the end of summer is extended, that is, not simultaneous.

The pale yellow fruit is adorned with prominent red stripes. You can keep the fruits fresh for 2 months, but over time they become less sweet and aromatic.


The unique variety is practically invulnerable to scab. But it is appreciated primarily for its sophisticated sweet taste, in which it seems like a mix of some fruits and large fruits - on average 140-180 g, but an adult tree - after 4-5 years, can bear fruit weighing 230-250 g.

Fruiting starts at 2 years old. The peel is greenish-yellow, almost entirely disappearing under a scarlet blush as it ripens. The pulp is incredibly juicy and dense - extremely appetizing in pies.

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