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Carrot varieties that have almost no Disadvantages, which are praised by all the familiar Summer residents

I am an experienced gardener. And my flowers are luxurious, and there are always a lot of berries, but the main thing is vegetables. Now in the store you can buy cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots at any time of the year, but how can you compare purchased vegetables and fruits with your own!

Therefore, diligent owners in their dachas and vegetable gardens still plant their onions, greens, and most importantly, beets, potatoes and, of course, carrots.

But I often hear from my friends that they planted two beds, but the carrots were not born. Or it has grown, but small, does not overwinter, it will rot. Or all is well, but tasteless. And how can this be?

Can. And the taste, and the size, and the ripening time, and even the color depends on the type of carrot.

Experienced gardeners have long decided on the choice of the variety. I also have my favorite varieties of carrots, and I'll tell you why.

Varieties that I like

· Nantes 4 is an old variety; many new varieties have already been discovered on its basis. I always plant this variety because it is reliable. And one more of its undoubted plus - this carrot is very sweet. For those who have children, I definitely recommend Nantes 4.

The fruits are large, the seeds have a friendly germination. Due to its size, the vegetable tolerates wintering well in a vegetable store, does not lend itself to rot. This is my lifesaver wand;

· Vitamin 6 - it is derived from it. Small core, good keeping quality, excellent taste, what else does a gardener need!

· Canada is another variety that provides the best germination. Moreover, under the most unfavorable conditions.

· Moscow winter - I bought it for the first time because of the name, and it was right. Not only does it winters well, but it also cages very well. I really liked it when the seeds began to sprout - they sprang up together, grew strong, bright green, lovely sight!

· Samson is a good and beautiful variety. It is very good to grow for sale. This variety looks very attractive. But in all other respects it will not let you down - both taste and storage are excellent;

· The Emperor is such a sweet carrot that it is not even recommended for diabetics. But for children, the most suitable variety.

These varieties do not require special soil preparation for planting, their seeds are not capricious, they tolerate temperature changes well. Water, weed, and thin out in time, that's all care.

Both to the cellar and to the market

It is no secret that many gardeners grow vegetables for sale or simply sell the surplus. Especially for them, I recommend two varieties that will never let you down. This is the Queen of Autumn and Shantane. These vegetables are very picky to grow, and the yield is very high.

They have an attractive appearance and very high taste. And most importantly, they are perfectly preserved until full use.

Perhaps someone will tell you more interesting and reliable varieties, I will be happy to try them in my beds. While I am buying these. And I advise everyone.

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