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How I prune Geranium at the end of March and it turns into a gorgeous Lush plant

Flower growers often feel sorry for pruning their plants. Especially when the bush looks lush and attractive. And in fact, if a flower like geranium is not cut in the spring, then the flower will not die.

Nothing critical will happen, it will definitely bloom in the summer. But the question is what the bush will be and how lush the bloom will be.

Frankly, when I was still a young and inexperienced florist, I also didn't want to prune geraniums once again. I felt sorry for the bushes and left them untouched. But then I realized that by doing this I only make it worse for the geranium. Flowering was scarce.

Over the years, I have gained experience and I can confidently say that spring pruning of geraniums is a very important procedure. I would also like to talk about some of the nuances that will allow pruning correctly and with maximum benefit for geraniums.

Which geraniums can be pruned in spring and which cannot

This procedure can be carried out both with young plants and with plants that are more than one year old. Age in this case does not play any role. Some exceptions are Angelic and Royal Pelargonium.

The problem is that the buds of these varieties form in the winter. Therefore, for these varieties, the right time for pruning is autumn. I also advise you to refrain from pruning those bushes that have weak roots.

When is the best time to prune?

In central Russia, this period usually falls in mid-March. At this time, the sun already begins to shine brighter and longer, the plant will be able to give strong shoots. Early pruning can cause weak and elongated shoots.

And late pruning can rob you of flowers in the middle of the season. Therefore, focus on the characteristics of the climate in your region.

How to carry out the trimming procedure correctly?

· You have probably noticed that there are stripes on the stem of geranium, which are covered with scales. These are the nodes from which the escape can then appear. Now you need to count 5 nodes on each shoot.

Next, leave 5 knots each, and cut off the rest.

· As for the number of shoots, they also do not need to be left too much. 4-5 skeletal branches on each bush will be quite enough.

· Next, place the pot in a bright place. Good lighting is the best stimulator for growth and development. But if you wish, you can feed the geranium with nitrogen fertilizer.

· Be careful with watering. The pruned bush almost does not evaporate moisture.

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