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I will never plant these Flowers on my site and dissuade everyone from them

- Stepanovna, do you know what kind of plant it is? - Two years ago, a neighbor who bought the dacha stood holding a heap of greenery, densely covered with small yellowish five-pointed flowers.

- Of course, I know, it's sour! That weed!

- Weed grass?! And they told me it was a flower. Very useful, by the way, it contains a lot of vitamin C.

- In my life I will not plant him at my dacha! - I cut it off.

Tell us why? Advise, maybe, what other flowers it is better not to grow. - Asked the woman.

· Oxalis has a very developed root system. You start to weed, be sure to leave the roots in the ground. Next year, expect a surprise - it will appear again. Many gardeners make the mistake of putting litter in a compost pit.

This plant is very viable, then it will certainly germinate. On wet soil it is necessary. It is very difficult to deal with such a harmful flower. You cannot loosen the earth with a shovel, it is better with a pitchfork. And the soil needs to be dried. They do not like the roots of the sun and dryness.

· Then again, lupines will never grow on my land. The flower is, of course, useful. Where it is overgrown, the next year the land becomes rich in nitrogen. Long ago, they planted it in the fields instead of fertilizing. Then they refused. Very harmful. It is difficult to withdraw, it is difficult to fight. But beautiful, especially purple.

· There is also one invader, called periwinkle. Small blue and purple flowers sprinkle everything around with a solid carpet. There are no beautiful words, but if he grew up in one place, and did not strive to the corners of my dacha... He will appear everywhere, everywhere. The sun covers other plants, does not allow to grow. Weed, in a word.

· There is another flower, oregano. Tall enough, handsome. In folk medicine, it is constantly used. It helps from many ailments. But I will never plant him. The smell from her is wonderful. It is not for nothing that it is in the same family with mint and rosemary. But the plant itself... Tall, inflorescences are dense, dense. Impossible to fight. In the fall, you will clear the site. And in the spring, hello, please. It will appear again.

· Of the beautiful, harmless, but useless, I can mention the levkoy. Tall, arrow-shaped inflorescences will delight the eye. But he has one bad feature. Summer is still in full swing, July seeks to end. And he has faded away. An empty space in a flower bed will disappoint to the core. It will be completely useless to plant other plants here at this time.

· Finally, I will mention the well-known lilies of the valley. In the forest, they may look beautiful. But in my garden... Sorry, it took several years to finally bring out this solid carpet.

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