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What are the benefits of cheese, and if it can harm

Perhaps, without limitation, all such products like milk processing as cheese. It's delicious and affordable product that many are introduced into your daily diet. And who has ever wondered about the benefits of cheese, or whether he nocuous for health? It may be wise to limit its intake or completely abandon this product?

The benefits and dangers of cheese will talk in this article. So, what is the use of dairy products? Of course, in its composition.

  • Firstly, it is a source of protein, so necessary for the birth and growth of the body's cells, brain activity and struggle with neuroses.
  • Cheese is rich in vitamins as a water and fat soluble. This allows the body to ensure proper metabolism, strengthen the immune, cardiac, vascular and nervous system. Besides vitamins affect the beautiful appearance and health of skin.
  • In cheese the maximum number of macro and micronutrients required for the structure and good the functioning of muscles and bones, normal brain blood circulation and all organs and body systems.
  • The product is a high-calorie, but perfectly digestible. This nuance makes it possible to consume cheese for a quick replenishment of energy consumption during strenuous exercise, while the neural overvoltage during high mental stress, or during recovery of the body after heavy or protracted operations diseases.

This raises the question whether such a useful product is harmful to health? It appears that the method if it is unbounded portions daily, and even over a long period. Enough to pay attention to such nuances.

  • Cheese contains almost 40% of fatty acids and cholesterol, which bring the danger of the formation of atherosclerosis and related diseases. A nutritional leads to excessive weights, which serves as a supportive medium for worsening disease states.
  • Like all dairy products, cheese can trigger some categories of citizens allergic reactions, causing affects the mucous nasal, bronchial tubes and skin.
  • An indispensable ingredient - the amino acid tryptophan, which is in the cheese in large quantities, is needed for the proper functioning of the brain. But it also may produce drowsiness, poor health with metabolic disorders. The paradox lies in the fact that the shortage of this amino acid can lead to irreversible processes at a young age, but increase the overall life span.

Based on the above, it can be only one correct conclusion that the cheese - it is a healthy product, but only in small quantities. No damage to the body can consume up to 50 grams of cheese, 150 g of cheese, 400 ml of milk or dairy products such as yogurt or yogurt. And only those people who do not have contraindications for health to consume cheese and other dairy products.

And how do you feel about the cheese?

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