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Chips-slow killer body. Is it so?

Every day, around the world, the mother of scandals with their children because of the chips. Chips long occupied a strong position, and as a treat, and as a snack with beer. They absorb both children and adults, though everyone repeat of their harmfulness.

But adults who speak their kiddies about the dangers of such potatoes themselves happy crunching chips.

Let's see, so whether harmful chips, as they say about them.

Chips that are sold in stores, can be called a harmful product. There's almost no natural potato, but in large quantities, there is a variety of food additives, colorings, flavor enhancers and so much more.

If earlier, chips made by zazharki potatoes, but now they are made mostly of starch and water, with the use of various additives.

The chips high levels of carcinogens, and sodium gluconate. If chips to burn, they burn, which indicates the absence of natural substances in the formulation.

What threatens the daily consumption of potato chips man thinking and scientists. Studies have been conducted, and that's what it turned out:

  • About a month after the start of the experiment, people who daily ate chips, developed constant heartburn. And some even gastritis.
  • The metabolism, which leads to rapid weight gain.
  • Due to the high content of sodium chloride stops the growth of bone tissues, disrupted immune system.
  • The content of carcinogens, provokes the formation of cancer cells.
  • Men who eat potato chips on a regular basis, at risk of losing their virility.

It seems such a decent and treat many serious diseases can cause.

Very dangerous component is propenamide. It belongs to carcinogens, detrimental effect on the kidney and liver, can induce the development of genetic mutations, as well as a "greenhouse", for the nucleation of cancer.

Parents must understand that buying chips, your child personally give him poison. It's like that every time, add a drop of poison to the child in the milk, which will slowly ruin his health.

If you can not win the love of a child for chips, make them yourself at home. This, of course, take time, but the child will receive a fraction of the dose of harmful components.

What can be said, as opposed to the harmfulness of potato chips? Nothing. All the doctors and scientists firmly in one voice that the chips, completely empty the product, in terms of utility. And besides containing in itself almost all the harmful elements that harm the body.

Only one conclusion - chips, absolutely can not be given to children. Cook them yourself. Much good food prepared at home, will not bring, but also great harm, can be avoided.

Whether you buy chips for your child?

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