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How macaroni prefer not to gain weight?

Pasta is almost the most common side dish in our country. Cheap product, delicious and easy to prepare. Suitable for all kinds of meat, it qualifies as a vegetable sauce and a meat. What are the pros and cons can be found in this product?

In the production of pasta are used mainly two components, it flour and water. The most useful of all kinds are considered the pasta from durum wheat. Such pasta you can eat for those who are dieting. Saturation for a long time at a low intake of foods provided to all.

Contained in macaroni fiber, and dietary fiber, helping the process of digestion in the stomach. Fiber addition works as a kind of brush. It helps rid the body of toxins and wastes. The high content of vitamin B, supports the nervous system and digestive organs.

Tocopherol, and in sufficient quantity present in the pasta, is responsible for the condition of hair and nails. The absence of such vitamin can cause a woman to infertility and premature aging.

High protein and carbohydrate that it is important to replenish the body's energy.

Harm can only bring pasta from soft wheat. They are very high in calories, extra weight, with the bulk side dishes are guaranteed.

Also, excessive use of soft wheat pasta, threatening cardiovascular diseases. Completeness acquired because of pasta can be a bridge to diabetes.

It is not necessary to eat, pasta from white flour. High-calorie foods, with a complete lack of fiber. And then categorically harmful if seasoned with butter or greasy gravy.

Pasta fast food, stuffed with all sorts of harmful additives. If it is possible to replace them with another meal, do it without hesitation.

Recently, durum wheat pasta, have been introduced into the diet of athletes, suggesting the undeniable benefits of certain varieties. And if you look at Italy, which is considered the birthplace of pasta, you can be surprised. Pasta is always accompanied by thoughts about completeness, but in Italy you will rarely see a fat man. Italians are quick, impulsive, slim. Apparently, they know what you need to eat pasta, so that the body received the benefit, not the extra weight.

Any pasta you prefer? Share your opinion in the comments.

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