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How to scrub ink from leather and imitation leather

Scrub handle with imitation leather - not such a simple exercise, but knowing some secrets and tricks, it will not cause any trouble and will not take much time.

Especially breeding pens with natural and artificial leather 

If your favorite leather sofa, purse or bag suffered from ink stains, do not rush right away and use the services of cleaning companies: often this problem, a little effort, you can quite successfully cope independently. At the same time, it has no fundamental difference, what kind of pen (ballpoint, pen or gel) was left an ink imprint.

Important! Upon detection of contamination from the handle on the article of leather or eco-leather, it is important as soon as possible proceed to its removal, as the skin tends to absorb very quickly got her coloring substances.

To scrub knob with leather or imitation leather, such as leather chair, you need to know a few basic rules:

  • Before using any of the methods that will be used in order to remove ink stains, it is important to test it on a small and inconspicuous area of ​​skin;
  • Begin scrubbing pollution need softer, gentle ingredients. Use more aggressive methods is only in the event that the first option did not work;
  • Apply the material for scrubbing the skin it is advisable only on himself imprint on the handle, trying at the same time, do not touch the area around;
  • Rinse substance used for scrubbing the ink contamination should damp cloth;
  • Once the problem has been corrected, it is recommended to wipe the skin with glycerin or castor oil. This will prevent it drying out and cracking in the treated area;
  • Dry skin after treatment using the hair dryer is strictly prohibited, as this may cause them to drying and cracking. Leather or leatherette independently be dry at room temperature;
  • When using a specialized chemical stain removers important to adhere strictly to the time of exposure to the ink residue is not greater than the time interval specified in the instructions for use of specific stain remover. Otherwise, the chemical agent will corrode the skin, and in its place the hole formed by the interaction with the skin.

It is also important to know that the prints from the ballpoint pen a little difficult to scrub than by pen or gel pens, primarily due to the oil contained in the composition of their ink.

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When scrubbing the stains from pens with artificial skin, do not use the following materials and articles:

  • preparations containing in its composition chloro, alkali or acid;
  • synthetic preparations, including refined products;
  • engine oils;
  • turpentine;
  • bleach;
  • metal sponge, any nazhdachki, pumice and brushes with stiff bristles.

Scrubbing the handle from the sofa upholstery is made of imitation leather, under these simple recommendations will not cause any difficulties.

Genuine Leather 

Methods scrubbing with paste from the handle of the eco-leather products are not very different from the embodiments used in the case of genuine leather. However, in this case it is important to remember:

  • natural leather can not be much watering, so you need to exclude options scrubbing, which is composed of water, as well as remember that these substances are removed after use from the surface of the leather product is better not to wet and humid cloth;
  • cleaning of the surface of the leather products are also important to start with a soft and benign subjects such as: tape, salt, glycerin. Only in the event that they can not cope with the task, you should move on to more aggressive in their composition substances;
  • before using any stain removers is important to carefully read the instructions for their use, find out whether they are applicable in respect of leather goods, and strictly comply with the time effects;
  • after applying any options scrubbing handle the product surface, for example, a leather chair, made of genuine leather, on a mandatory basis to lubricate it with petroleum jelly or glycerine.

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