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The scrub Clay time and super-glue

As you know, super glue Moment is the most effective means to eliminate domestic failures. But scrub super-glue in the event of accidental contact with any surface is not so simple. The cleansing process will require the utmost care and patience.

Features removing super glue

For its ability to quickly dry up on super glue Moment called seconds. Its solidification during bonding occurs on average in 60 seconds. In contact with water the adhesive torque almost instantly becomes solid. It is able to firmly glue the parts even when applied in a thin layer. In addition, some variation of super glue point is heat-resistant. Since the consumption of funds is very low, it is produced in small tubes. One drop of super glue can be covered to about 2.5 cm square.

There are several varieties of super glue. To each of them requires a specific approach. The scrub glue Second, depends on whether he got to the kind of material. This is due to the fact that some of the tools used to dissolve the glue can damage the glued parts. When working with super glue point should follow safety measures. It is strictly forbidden to use the woolen and cotton materials. When they come in contact with cyanoacrylate, which are contained in the second adhesive, you can get burned.

High-quality super glue is resistant to moisture and high temperatures. It can remove only a professional product that you can buy at the hardware store. Their main disadvantage is the chemical substance in the composition, having a high level of toxicity.

Attention! Most often found in commercially-component super-glue, but also there is also a multi-component. In the second case, in addition to cyanoacrylate binders contain fillers which conduct heat and current.

How to display super-glue folk ways

The main principle to be followed in the breeding of super glue Moment - producing purification before it is completely dry. Also not recommended cleansing by mechanical means - to use a pumice stone or emery paper. Scrub glue help not only specialized solvents, but also improvised. The most common ones include:

  • soap solution;
  • oily cosmetic cream;
  • vinegar;
  • means for removing the varnish;
  • dimexide;
  • White Spirit;
  • cooking salt;
  • Vaseline;
  • acetone.

In most cases, the surface is cleaned with acetone. Initially it employ for removing the glue with a small area. Only then acetone was treated the entire surface. An alternative is acetone nail polish remover. It is important to pay attention to its structure. It must be present acetone.

In some cases it is possible to scrub super-glue with warm water. It is poured on the stain and leave for 20 minutes. After this time, enough to pick up a nail dried stains on the edge. It is possible to combine this method with the use of soap solution. If you soak the problem area is not possible, place a damp cloth on it.

Soda paste allows to obtain not less pronounced result. For its preparation was mixed for 1 st. l. water and baking soda. After thorough mixing, a thin layer of paste is applied to the problem area. After 15-20 minutes the paste can be removed by any convenient method. For these purposes, it is desirable to use warm water.

Using vinegar recommended to remove adhesive with thin fabrics. 1 tbsp. l. 9% concentration of vinegar was dissolved in 1 tbsp. water. The resulting mixture was applied to the cloth and carefully rub the stain. After the glue will fall behind, a thing to be washed.

The spots of glue to the window surface can be rubbed away fatty oils or petrolatum. First, the composition is applied to the problem area and then triturated. If necessary, adhesive residue purified soapy water.

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Vaseline helps scrub insignificant traces of glue. First, it is applied in a small amount. If necessary, Vaseline added in portions. Remains of adhesive base and eliminate petroleum jelly with a cloth soaked in warm water.

White spirit is a purified gasoline. It effectively copes with fresh glue traces. But we should remember that the solution is considered to be highly toxic. When using it you need to open the windows. Besides, it is not allowed to use it in order to cleanse the delicate materials.

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