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Benefits and harms of viburnum health

Kalina, ubiquitous in the middle band, best known for its beautiful fruiting at the end of autumn. However, the beauty - not only the dignity of plants. Benefits and harms of viburnum - also a very interesting question.

The composition and caloric content of viburnum

In terms of nutritional value viburnum - a very low-calorie. Only 26 calories per 100 g berries make an absolutely safe product for those who care about their figure. Most of the weight is water Kalina - 86 g, more accounted for 7 g carbohydrates, and quite small amounts of ash present in the berries - 0.5 g

The main benefit of Viburnum lies in its composition is rich in vitamins. Due berries body gets:

  • valuable trace elements - zinc, iron, manganese, phosphorus;
  • vitamins - not only common A, C and E, but also rare P and K;
  • organic acid - acetic, butyric, linoleic, formic, and valeric.

Particularly valuable is that in the autumn and winter of Viburnum berries do not become deficient - they can still be inexpensive to purchase in the market or build their own.

How useful viburnum red

The positive effect of berries on the body is reflected in the fact that Kalina:

  • It helps to balance the blood pressure and enhance blood vessels;
  • normalizes the bowels;
  • It has a calming effect and helps with great stress;
  • improves the immune system;
  • It promotes good blood clotting;
  • effectively tones and invigorating;
  • can act as a natural diuretic and cholagogue;
  • It is struggling with inflammation and infection.

Kalina diabetes lowers blood glucose - and useful berry during illness and I, and type II.

For women

Great benefit lies in Kalina for the female body.

  • During painful menstruation fresh or processed viburnum capable of reducing discomfort.
  • During menopause viburnum improves the general condition. The female body almost stops producing hormones, but the berries contain substances successfully replacing them.
  • Kalina is especially valuable for uterine bleeding due to its hemostatic properties.

For men

Fresh fruits or any beverage on the basis of Viburnum - a great benefit for the male body. Berries well help in diseases of the genitourinary system - they eliminate the inflammation and relieve pain.

For kids

Viburnum vitamin uniquely useful for children in the period of active development of the organism. But to introduce it in the diet can not immediately, but only 6 - 8 months of age.

Allergy to Kalina is very rare, but to make sure in its absence, to get started is to give your baby a spoon Kalinovoye no more juice.

Kalina, mashed with sugar, whole fruit and jelly and sweets should not appear in the ration of 1.5 years earlier than a child.

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