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Medlar: useful properties and contraindications

Medlar - exotic fruit, which, however, is often found on store shelves. What are the benefits and harms of medlar - an interesting question for those who have never tried this fruit.

Medlar: what kind of fruit

In terms of botany, a fruit plant belongs to the family of pink. Historically, it is considered the birthplace of China. There are two types of plants - Japanese and Caucasian, or German, medlar. Despite belonging to the same genus, they are fundamentally different from each other. In fresh fruits are used mostly Japanese fruit plants, medlar Caucasus can be found in confectionery.

Externally yellowish-orange fruit is very similar to an apricot - they are easy to confuse. It is called by different names - loquat, or shesek, or Biwa. In all cases, it means one and the same fruit.

The plant belongs to the category of evergreens, so loquat tree is often used in landscape design. But, since most of the benefits hidden in the fruit fruit, treat it with interesting culinary and therapeutic point of view.

At that resembles the taste of medlar

The taste of the fruit depends on the type of plant. When it comes to Japanese loquat, it looks more like an ordinary quince or pear, and the taste - sweet and slightly sour. But the German loquat differs pronounced sour, tart and astringent taste. Eat it fresh is just a big fan of the exotic.

The composition and caloric content

Benefits medlar is hidden within it - the flesh of the fruit is filled with the most essential vitamins for human health. After eating some grapes, can be obtained in large quantities:

  • vitamin P and PP;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin A;
  • minerals sodium and potassium.

Also, in the fruit of the plant contains natural sugars, pectins, natural fruit acids.

Energy value is very small - 100 grams of fruit a delicious Japanese medlar is present only 47 calories. Food useful properties consist principally of carbohydrates, which loquat longer '10 It occupies a small proportion of proteins and fats - 0.43 g and 0.2 g, respectively.

The loquat is useful for the organism

As it is shown the use of exotic fruit? fruits rich in vitamins contribute to:

  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • strengthen blood vessels;
  • recovery heart rate;
  • improve the body's ability to self-regeneration;
  • enhance immunity.

Also fruit can serve as a preventive measure against cancer. Useful properties of exotic fruits rejuvenate the body and bring vivacity.

Tip! Even after cooking the fruit retain valuable properties - for example, useful compote of medlar. But in order to maximize the benefits, there is a fresh fruit is recommended.

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