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The useful meat nutria, the healing properties of fat

Calorie, medicinal properties, benefits and harms of meat nutria - the necessary product information to be included in the diet. Nutria are not widely spread in Russia. Many with fear related to the product, without knowing, useful or not.

Description and taste nutria meat

Nutria carcass resembles a rabbit, but the properties of the meat, the smell and taste vary considerably. Marble meat - fat tissue distributed between muscle evenly. When preparing nutryatiny obtained juicy and tender dish.

The chemical composition of the nutria meat

Nutryatina rich in mineral micro and macro-elements, comprises a large number of chemical compounds.

Meat is rich in easily digestible protein of animal origin. It contains vitamins B, A, C, E, PP, H. Due to the content of calcium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium normal cardiac activity, strengthening the skeletal system, normal water balance. The content of manganese, iron, iodine, zinc, selenium, copper, cobalt improves the functioning of the endocrine glands.

Nutritional value and calorie meat nutria

Nutritional value nutria depends on the weight of the animal, the mass fraction of fat in the body. On average, 0.1 kg crude product has to 145 kcal, 20 g protein, 5 g of fat. The carbohydrate content is negligible.

Caloric nutryatiny depends on the method of preparation:

  • Boiled Bird - 160 kcal.
  • Braised - 162 kcal.
  • Fried - 214 kcal.

Smoking, baking, cooking in the marinade increases calorie dishes.

Useful properties of nutria meat

Properties nutria meat differ from the usual properties of beef, pork and chicken. The product has an interesting taste, delicate scent. The use of nutria meat for the human body is to improve digestion, low calorie, high-volume content of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. The product is recommended for athletes, as rich in protein. Nutryatina suitable for diet food, because it contains a small amount of sodium salts.

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Benefits nutryatiny also is to maintain a weakened immune system. Properties nutrievogo fat product is isolated on a background of pork, beef, mutton fat, because the benefits unsaturated linoleic and linolenic fatty acids contained in large amounts in the nutria, scientific It proved.

The product is easily absorbed and digested in the human body. Recommended for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, high cholesterol. It contributes to the prevention of heart and vascular diseases. It is useful to maintain the nervous system. Improves metabolic processes in the body, speeds up digestion.

Important! A high percentage in the product of nutrients is not an indication to the exclusion from the diet of other kinds of meat. For example, rabbit and chicken contain a higher percentage of amino acids.

Regular consumption nutryatiny improves sleep, stimulation of the thyroid gland works. Product prevents anemia.

Is it possible to give the baby nutria meat

Nutryatina helps strengthen bones, uniform growth and development of the child's body. Product Dietichnost also an indication for meat eating children.

For the first lure meat suit nutria meat, the use of children due to the content of a large number of vitamins, minerals, amino acids.

The main rule when administered in the diet of a child nutryatiny considered correct product preparation. Do not give raw or not fully cooked dish because it can be harmful to health.

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