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How to bring the fat with paper

Often, the desire to combine a quick snack with the study of important documents or without being distracted from work can lead to a rather sad consequences. This is due to the fact that there is a need to bring grease stain with paper. It is important to understand that is quite difficult to deduce grease stain with a paper surface without damaging it. Undoubtedly, it is difficult, but possible. In this case, use improvised means. Due to the large choice, everyone can choose exactly the option that is best suited for a particular paper.

Is it possible to deduce grease stain with paper

For removing grease stains with paper, you can use a large amount of available tools that are available in the house for everyone. In this case, it is important to understand that the method chosen is entirely dependent on the density - it is necessary to consider first. For fine paper is not recommended to use aggressive means there as there is a high probability cause more damage documents.

As deduce grease stain with a sheet of paper popular methods

To date, there are many ways to effectively bring grease stains from a sheet of any density. Optional use of special tools, it is sufficient to take advantage of people's ways. Since each method is different, the originally worth familiar with all the nuances.

Getting rid of greasy stains on the blotter paper

As everyone knows, the blotter is designed to deal with blots, and her the strength to remove grease. Stepwise algorithm of actions for the removal of oily stains as follows:

  • On the contaminated area must be put blotter that it covers all the stain.
  • You will then need neatly ironed sheet of paper with warm iron.
  • Since the stain is absorbed, it is necessary to periodically change the blotter. Make it up until the stain disappears.

If the fat trace on the printed either by a written text, it can not be strongly heated iron.

Tip! If necessary, you can replace the blotting paper towel.

How to deduce grease stain with paper starch

To display the grease spot with a passport, it is necessary to use potato starch. This option is ideal for heavy paper. In such situations it may be applied to the problem area small amount of starch, and then wiped using a flannel fabric. If this method does not help, you can use another method:

  • Take peroxide and potato starch were mixed components in a ratio of 1 h. l. starch and 50 ml of a colorless liquid.
  • Apply grease stain on the resulting mixture by means of a soft brush, intended for drawing.
  • Leave paper in this state for 4 hours.
  • After drying the resulting crust is removed lint brush.

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If the desired result was not achieved, it is necessary to repeat the procedure again.

How to display a greasy spot on the paper with powdered chalk

If you want to display a greasy spot at the same time, without damaging the record, it should give preference to the Cretaceous. In this case, the need to grind the chalk powder state and with a thin layer applied to the contaminated paper portion. After this, on top of chalk put a tissue or blotting paper and carefully iron the iron, holding mode "Synthetics". If necessary, this procedure can be repeated several times.

It is important to consider the fact that by using the chalk can not be afraid that will be damaged by ink, in addition, will not be affected even those records that were left in pencil.

How to deduce grease stain with notebook starch

If the notebook appear greasy spot, the display can be sufficiently effectively using for this purpose the potato starch. To obtain the desired result need to prepare a special solution based on starch:

  • Take 100 ml of pure water for 1 hour. l. potato starch, and a suitable size container.
  • These components were mixed to obtain a homogeneous mass.
  • Using a pipette the obtained solution is applied to the problem area in the notebook.
  • After that, you must wait until the wet spot to dry completely.
  • Once the composition is completely dry, it is necessary with a soft cloth gently brush away crumbs potato starch.

If necessary, this procedure can be repeated several times.

How to deduce grease stain with paper alcohol

You can display the left stains on the paper and with the help of alcohol. Usually, this embodiment is recommended to use exclusively for dense surfaces.

The algorithm is as follows:

  • On the surface of the contaminated site superposed sheet of blotter paper and allowed about 15-20 minutes. Such an approach will absorb fat to the maximum.
  • The remaining traces of gently wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • You must then take a sponge, dampen it with a small amount of alcohol and carefully handle the problem area on the paper.

After will withdraw greasy spot, peeled sheet put between several clean sheets of A4 paper, and the iron to iron.

How to derive the fat from the paper with salt

Equally effective one is the use of salts. In this case, the need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Dirty paper portion abundantly with salt.
  • Then the top cover blank sheet of paper.
  • Neatly ironed using an iron.

Many recommend the use for such purposes salt finely ground or pre-chopped her. In addition, the temperature of the iron regime should be set to a minimum, otherwise there is the likelihood that the text on the paper is smeared, that in the future has nothing to withdraw.

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