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Than helpful quail eggs

Even on the shelves of conventional stores can often see tiny eggs with brown spots, demolished quail. What are the benefits and harms of quail eggs, and how they are used in the kitchen, in the treatment and cosmetology?

The composition and caloric content of quail eggs

The product can be considered a record for the content of useful substances for the organism. In particular, it contains:

  • B vitamins - B9, B2, B1 and B6;
  • vitamin E;
  • vitamin A;
  • PP nicotinic acid;
  • choline and beta-carotene;
  • valuable minerals - calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, chlorine and phosphorus;
  • iron and copper;
  • sufficient rare minerals - cobalt and molybdenum, chromium and manganese;
  • amino acids.

100 g contains 168 calories. More than just a delicious product of fat - about 13 grams, 12 grams occupy more proteins and carbohydrates in the share accounts for only 0.6 g A lot of water in the composition of the egg - '73

How many quail eggs replace one chicken? It is necessary to take 5 - 6 pieces of delicious testicles to weight and nutritional value of approximately equaled 1 chicken.

The use of quail eggs to the body

Perhaps, it is difficult to get enough of miniature delicacies, but their main use is not the case. properties of the product and its unique composition contribute to the fact that the eggs:

  • help in the treatment of gastric and intestinal diseases;
  • It stimulates the brain and purify the blood;
  • increases resistance to infections and viruses;
  • tone;
  • reduce the possibility of the development of atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes;
  • accelerate metabolism and maintain normal vision;
  • help with asthma and allergies;
  • serve as prevention of diabetes and to protect the kidneys and bladder stones formation.

The use of quail eggs for women

Of quail eggs is a special benefit for the fair sex. Quail eggs for women after 50 are very valuable, since the product properties are controlled sex hormones and to improve the condition in menopause. These features help to quickly return to normal after childbirth for young women.

Than helpful quail eggs for men

For men, the use of the product is that it raises testosterone levels and positively affect the potency. The product is capable of serving prevention of inflammation of the prostate.

Can I quail eggs for children

Conventional large eggs to the children's diet is introduced later, but the quail are the exception - due to they do not bring harm to the small size. But the benefits will be great - product characteristics Eye Care child, contribute to the good functioning of the brain and memory, strengthen the immune system. Therefore, a delicacy not just for kids allowed in small quantities, but also very important for their diet.

At what age can a child give

The first product to offer the baby can already in 9 months - but in a very small amount. You should start from the very grains of cooked egg yolk. If a negative reaction is not, then gradually the dosage can be increased to half of the yolk, and to 12 months - to the whole. Protein is administered in the diet after 1 year - and at the same time beginning to acquaint the child with omelets and casseroles of this product.

Important! Despite the valuable properties of the product can cause in children an individual negative reaction. In order not to cause harm to the baby, before entering a delicacy in the diet is necessary to consult with your pediatrician.

Can I eat quail eggs to pregnant and lactating

A useful product is very rich in folic acid and other valuable substances, so definitely it recommended to use it during the childbearing. Delicacy help strengthen the developing fetus and to insure against abortion.

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Quail eggs with breastfeeding can be consumed on a daily basis, on a pair of pieces, partially replacing the more allergenic chicken.

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