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Sprouted oats: the benefits and harms

Culture family of cereals contain a set of useful substances to human health when consumed regularly. Benefits and harms of germinated oat determined individually for the body. This is valuable for its nutritional characteristics representative of a family of up to 100 cm grains, covered with a hard shell, which is not fused to the core, as it happens in wheat, rye.

Ingredients sprouted oats

Once in a favorable environment with sufficient moisture to activate the grain strength for growth. It undergoes significant changes not only the composition of oats, but also its properties. A large amount of starch, which is harmful to health by excessive use, converted into useful carbohydrates, lowering blood sugar levels.

Cereal contains a protein that does not cause allergies. The composition germinated oats also found useful enzyme which facilitates the digestion of carbohydrates pancreas. This is the only plant with a high silicon content - natural lubricants for joints, which facilitates movement, enhances the plastic body.

The grains found tireostatiny useful thyroid gland to function properly. 100 g 299.5 kcal sprouted grain, but such a high figure should not scare you, because all the components are perfectly balanced product. In oats contained almost 58 g of mineral carbohydrate, more than 4 g fat, 10 g protein.

How useful germinated oats

The product has a positive effect:

  • the digestive system;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • immunity;
  • the nervous system;
  • regenerating function;
  • appearance;
  • reproductive health;
  • brain activity, physical endurance;
  • the fight against cancer cells.

The digestive system gets a lot of use from sprouted oats, as components of the product gently envelop the gastric mucosa. Regular consumption of grains is not harmful, as a result of the GI tract is protected from the negative impact of harmful substances and feeding vitamins. Sprouts have many useful properties, so they are recommended to use for people with an ulcer, in the initial stages of gastritis.

Thanks to its balanced content of nutrients properties of germinated oat sprouts are beneficial for the cardiovascular system. They remove atherosclerotic attacks with fine arterial walls, increase their tone, reduce the risk of thrombosis. In a clean container accelerates blood circulation, which allows you to quickly saturate the organs with oxygen, improving their performance.

Regular consumption of cereals significantly strengthens the immune system, cause a feeling of cheerfulness, helps to cope with stress, it helps activate the body's defenses. Doctors recommend adding oats to the diet during colds, after surgery to speed recovery.

The high magnesium content in combination with a group B vitamins gives beneficial properties to the nervous system. Regular use of the product will make sleep healthy and strong. The use of sprouted oats - to reduce the risk of occurrence of depressive states decrease anxiety. Properties cereal ultimately have a positive impact on a person's mood.

Zinc has anti-inflammatory effect, activates the regenerative function. This component also normalizes the sebaceous glands, which makes hair stronger, more obedient.

With regular use of sprouted oats there is a significant improvement in the condition of hair, nails and skin. This contributes to calcium to copper. Manganese acts as a preventive measure against diabetes, protects the thyroid metabolism. germinated oat benefits for the human body do not stop.

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The product has a positive effect on reproductive function. For women it helps establish, normalize hormones, prevents or eliminates the dysfunction of the ovaries. Oats for men stands prophylactic, preventing diseases of the prostate. Balanced vitamin complex supports the proper functioning of seed channels.

Manganese, tocopherol - natural antioxidants that help reduce the level of free radicals, resist harm cancerous lesions and prevent new formations, to reduce the risk of abnormal changes in the tissues. Slow the growth of cancer cells and contributes to silicon, which, in addition, strengthens bone tissue. Bring.

oat sprouts are beneficial in stimulating brain activity, enhance memory, relieve harmful effects on the mental strain. They were shown to use both before and after a hard day's work. The product significantly increases physical endurance, an effective gepaprotektorom, protecting the liver from the damaging effect of negative factors.

How to germinate oats

Choose grain must be carefully not to hit treated with chemicals, otherwise you can get harm instead of good. It is recommended to buy in health food stores, pharmacies, supermarkets. Ready sprouts better not to take: non-compliance with retention policies likely to develop harmful bacteria.

For maximum effect, choose of naked oats. We should immediately go through the purchase of visually identifying the bad grains, further add water and remove anything that comes up. Washing the residues under running water, fill with a weak solution of potassium permanganate to disinfect.

There are two methods of germination of oats. Following first prepared grains is poured water at room temperature. The amount of liquid should be twice the volume of the product. After 12 - 14 hours, washed, shift in a bowl made of natural material is left at a temperature of 20 - 23 oC for a day.

For the second method, you will need a small plate, cotton fabric. Material placed on the dishes, well moistened with water, poured on top and cover with oats. Once again sprinkled with water, allowed to stand at room temperature for a day.

If after 3 days no grain sprouted, they are of poor quality and even germination of harm from them will be more than good. To retain the beneficial properties of the product, you need to store them in the refrigerator in a container made of natural materials, avoiding aluminum cookware. To prolong the shelf life sprouts sprinkled with lemon juice.

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