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The fish is useful properties and contraindications

Benefits and harms of fish make it an integral part of the diet of many people. Valuable nutritional, dietary and medicinal properties of the product, even a beneficial effect on the body and bring him rich dividends.

What vitamins are contained in fish

The use of fish in human nutrition large and versatile. It is full of useful substances to humans. There are proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), amino acids, lipids, fish oil, iodine and minerals. Special attention should be vitamin composition of fish meat. It should be noted that the marine species, this figure is significantly higher than in freshwater. Here there are vitamins that exhibit versatile advantageous properties:

  • BUT - strengthens the visual function, maintain healthy skin, hair, mucous membranes, respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, warns oncologic diseases;
  • D - prevents heart disease, blood vessels, including Alzheimer's disease, and also helps to get rid of depression, osteoporosis (provides Ca and P uptake) improves immunity, mental and physical activity;
  • F - it is an essential fatty acid, known as arhidonovoy, linoleic, linolenic. Not produced in the human body, therefore, must be present in food. Reduce the concentration of "harmful" cholesterol, protects cells from damage and degeneration into malignant structure, accelerate lipid metabolism, as well as interaction with the vitamin D strengthen musculoskeletal system;
  • E - Protects against old age and disease, its attendants: aging of skin, cancer. Prevents the development of cataracts, supports the immune system, blood pressure and heart function is normal. It helps to lose weight;
  • C - in its properties the substance is an antioxidant and reducing agent. It provides a healthy immune system, a good mood, a surge of strength and energy involved in the excretion of cholesterol. Its concentration is significantly less than in plant foods;
  • PP - regulates cholesterol indicators, it helps to keep blood glucose during exercise, opposed by free radicals;
  • H - participates in the processing of glucose, supports the nervous system, helps metabolize proteins, helps burn fat, but also makes the skin silky and elastic and hair gives volume, shine;
  • group B - in the first place, it is riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine. Especially fish rich in vitamin B12, which is very important for the life of blood cells.

Attention! In order to ensure a strong and good health should be included in the diet of fish dishes as a source of replenishment of essential nutrients and beneficial properties.

Nutritional value and caloric content in fish

The content of nutrients and energy value as well as the useful properties of fish, may be different. It depends on the species and habitats. The fat content can vary from 2% to 15% or more. Also it is changing and calorie content. But whatever may be the oily fish, meat full of fat at times surpasses it according to these indicators, as well as the damage has on people's health. Therefore, marine and freshwater inhabitants considered dietary product having significant advantageous properties.

Benefits and harms of fish to the body, calorie vary depending on the technology, cooking, applied to the product. Salting, drying, smoking significantly affect these figures. The highest calorie from fried fish that carries harm to the body and neutralizes most of the beneficial properties of the original product. Therefore it is recommended to boil and eat it without adding extra fat. This also applies to oils, excessive amounts of which can cause considerable damage to the figure.

Nutrient composition of fish richer and more varied than that of meat. Present therein chemical compounds possess valuable therapeutic properties and effect. It is well-known benefits of fish oil, cod liver oil and so on. D.

The benefits for the human body fish

If you frequently use the healing properties of fish are becoming palpable. She quickly digested and does not stay inside the digestive tract, unlike meat, poultry. This is due to the difference in the structure of muscle fibers, which have a dense, indigestible shell and thus begin digested first. This explains useful dietary properties of the product.

The oily fish inhabiting in northern waters contain omega-3 PUFAs, useful properties which assist avoid the development of cardiovascular pathologies, improve peripheral blood circulation, reduce the risk of thrombosis. All this contributes to the prevention of early death from heart disease. It should know that the red fish, grown in vitro, Omega-3 is almost there, and therefore less and useful properties.

 Marine species need to eat in order to improve the work of the thyroid gland. They contain a high concentration of iodine, which have beneficial properties on human a huge impact. This element is needed to produce thyroid hormones. The most sizeable amounts of iodine contained in pollock, tuna, flounder, tuna, salmon, useful properties which are well known.

Fish oil will have a beneficial effect on visual function - thanks to the properties of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A. These chemical compounds enhance vision and prevent the development of night blindness. And in the river, and marine species cholesterol is present. However, it is very small and, unlike meat, any harm it is not harmful. In addition, marine life contribute to the removal of excess cholesterol due to the presence in them of useful properties of PUFAs. Unfortunately, the river fish does not affect the reduction of cholesterol in the body harm.

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