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How useful rice porridge, her cook, reviews

Benefits and harms of rice porridge are very important - in the diet of this dish appears very often. To understand who the porridge should be consumed more often, and who should limit its quantity, should study the properties of the product.

The chemical composition and calorific value of rice porridge

Useful properties of rice porridge is so great that for many people it is the basis of the diet. The product contains the following valuable substances for the body:

  • subgroups of B vitamins - B1 to B3, and B6 and B9;
  • vitamin E;
  • mineral components - calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc;
  • important chemical elements potassium and magnesium;
  • complex carbohydrates - they account for about 80% of the volume of the product;
  • amino acids and vegetable protein.

But there is no gluten in the product. Because of this, use a dish can fearlessly even those people who avoid cereals due to the presence of individual intolerance of gluten.

Caloric content of rice is low, but it largely depends on the method of processing the useful product. Thus, in the raw grains contained approximately 320 kcal, a porridge prepared in water, is present only 89 kcal. Finally, milk rice cereal contains a little more than 100 calories - provided that the milk is taken lean.

The use of rice porridge for the body

Benefits and harms of rice porridge health affects most body systems. Namely, the product:

  • guarantees lasting feeling of satiety after ingestion and provides the body with large power supplies;
  • strengthens blood vessels and cardiac system due to the high potassium content, prevents atherosclerosis, and ischemia;
  • It has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps regulate sleep;
  • adjusts digestion, stops diarrhea, as well as lowers the acidity of the stomach;
  • It cleanses the body of toxic substances and accumulated slag, thereby favorably influencing the metabolism;
  • promotes weight loss, calories in rice porridge a little, and in adipose tissue product is not delayed;
  • It prevents the development of anemia and helps recuperate after serious illnesses and surgeries;
  • has beneficial effects on the skin, hair and bone tissue, providing easy rejuvenating effect.

For kids

The diet of rice porridge toddler appears one of the first babies are beginning to offer her 6 months of life, along with buckwheat and corn porridge. The main benefit of rice porridge for infants is that the product is rarely causes allergies and is not harmful. In particular, it is recommended to give the kids figure, in which there is an intolerance to gluten.

However, we must remember that healthy porridge for kids cook is not so, for both adults. First, it is necessary to grind the rice grains, turning them into a homogeneous flour. Teaspoon of the resulting powder is diluted in a glass of boiling water, and then another 20 minutes of boil over low heat, and then allowed to cool and offer a child.

The first portions should be small - need to give babies only half a teaspoon of the product and see if any adverse reaction occurs. If the child favorably perceive a new product, then gradually the volume can be increased to 100 or 150 g per day.

From whole grain baby cereal can be boiled after 8 months of age, at the same time are allowed to use not only water, but also goat's or cow's milk.

Attention! Since even healthy rice can cause severe damage in the presence of contraindications, you should consult with your pediatrician before introducing the product to the children's diet.

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