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How useful beans, diet recipes

The diet of healthy food adherents of all the varied offers dishes from vegetables and fruits. Benefits and harms of string beans is determined by its high value and contraindications. There is no doubt that the taste of useful properties and positive influence on the body of the product is highly valued.

The chemical composition of green beans

Beans - a fast-growing legumes. The immature green stage called asparagus or green beans, benefit and harm to health which are determined by its chemical composition:

  • calcium - responsible for the correct functioning of the heart;
  • copper - control cholesterol, sugar and uric acid;
  • potassium - are responsible for the water balance;
  • magnesium - reduces the acid production in the stomach;
  • zinc - stabilizes the metabolism;
  • molybdenum - activates enzymes;
  • iron - contributes to the level of hemoglobin.

Benefits of green beans and explained by the presence of vitamins in its composition:

  • Beta Carotene - provitamin has antioxidant properties;
  • B vitamins - affect metabolism;
  • TO - important for normal blood clotting;
  • BUT - promotes skin renewal;
  • E - it has a positive effect on the reproductive function;
  • FROM - valuable for the growth of cell bodies.

Nutritional value and caloric content of green beans

For plants are characterized by low energy value: 100 g approximately 26 kcal of the product. Ingredients:

  • carbohydrates - 7 g;
  • fat - 0.2 g;
  • protein - 2.1 g;
  • vegetable fibers - 2.7 g;
  • Water - '88

The product's caloric impact methods for preparing and composition of meals. Low energy value has undoubted benefits green beans in the diet.

Useful properties of green beans

A feature of the plant is its resistance to harmful compounds from the environment. Benefits of green beans for the human body is in the peculiarities of its chemical composition and the ability to:

  • fight infections;
  • fight bronchitis, rheumatism, skin diseases;
  • tidy carbohydrate metabolism and the production of hemoglobin;
  • provide preventive effect on the development of arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, hypertension;
  • restore hormonal balance;
  • improve liver function;
  • help with diabetes;
  • a positive effect on sexual dysfunction in men.

Useful if frozen green beans

Semi-finished product do not need special processing before cooking. In the production of the pods are sorted and washed. The home cooking it is put into the water without defrosting. The cooking time in comparison with the fresh product decreases. Due to this, the use of frozen green beans is preserved as much as possible, and contains in its composition of vitamins, minerals and plant-based proteins. The frozen product is used in soups, side dishes, a separate dish. As such, the use of preserved green beans for diabetic patients with gastrointestinal disorders, obesity.

Is it possible to string beans pregnant and lactating

Unlike beans beans, green is not a heavy food. Due to the high content of high-quality fiber for digestive problems disappear. Benefits of green beans during pregnancy is to accelerate the metabolism, positive impact on the nervous system. Vegetable has sedative properties and helps to overcome nervousness, fear and anxiety. When child-bearing often develop anemia, which harms not only the mother but also the baby. Get rid of iron deficiency anemia, bringing benefits to the woman's body, green beans can be easily and quickly. Vegetable helps in kidney function, which bear most of the load during this period. Eat only the pods is not necessary, all necessary measure. Add the product in the diet of lactating should very carefully, so as not to harm the baby. Phytic acid contained in the vegetable may inhibit absorption of nutrients at immoderate use beans. Colic and gases can be triggered by a product, so it is necessary to monitor the child's condition and to enter into pods diet only after consulting your pediatrician. Not excluded allergic reactions in infants.

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