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Coir in a mattress: the benefits and harms, reviews

The properties of coir from coconut, as well as the benefits and harms of coconut mattress actively studied. This is because the popularity of the material is growing every year. Proved by a number of health benefits that it provides, while there is almost no contraindications.

What is Coir

To find out what are the benefits and harms of coconut mattress, you need to figure out how they are made. What is Coir?

Earlier, when the nuts were harvested for the delicious pulp and juice, peel was considered waste. All the rough layer of coconut shell go to the dump, until people realized that he may have many applications in gardening and home products.

Mezhplodnika coconut fiber called coir. There are two types of fiber, of which it is composed: brown and white.

Brown coir is made from ripe, mature coconuts. It is more durable, but less flexible. White fibers produced from semi-ripe nuts. Here, flexible material, and at the same time less durable in properties.

As the filler is made of coconut mattress

To get the coconut coir, ready for use as a filler, it is necessary to conduct extensive processing.

Firstly, you need to remove it from the coconut. This is done by soaking the husks in water to loosen and soften it. Carry out this process in the tidal waters of the sea or in freshwater. In the first case coir will absorb a large amount of salt which must be removed later.

Then the nuts are removed from the water and dried over a year. After the drying process, coir bound in bales which are then comminuted and treated in different formats (from crumbs to coarse fibers). This material becomes extremely useful properties.

gathering coconuts

How to produce coir to the health benefits far exceed the harm? For this purpose, pure organic product.

Coconuts, mature and self-fallen from the tree, can be easily matched. The fruits remain on the tree at a height of 12 - 30 m, collect industrial climbers. If nuts tear by hand, they can collect about 25 trees a day. If collectors are using a bamboo pole with an attached to its end a knife to cut some coconuts, then you can go to 250 trees per day.

soaking raw materials

The first step in the creation of coconut coir fiber is collection of nuts. First, oil is extracted, after which the fibers are soaked, twisted and dried.

The only solvent used in the process is water. The use of artificial chemicals eliminate at each stage of production, and therefore the useful properties of the material are high and there is no harm from it almost.

In addition, in other industries, these fibers are considered waste. Their use in mattresses helps reduce the amount of emitted mass and preserve the environment. Thus, the production of these products benefits the environment.

Drying and sorting coir

Once the coconut fibers are washed and processed them in thick heavy braided ropes. This part of the process is crucial, as the material lends natural elasticity. The same property will continue to be useful for relaxing the back sleeping on a mattress.

Coconut fibers are a few months in the form of twisted ropes, so to dry to the desired state in a natural way without chemical aid.

Processing latex

At the end of the production cycle coir should be flattened and covered with organic latex. Within several hours the material moves and is punctured. It is necessary to create later mattresses do not become brittle and fall apart, A acquires elastic properties, through which they begin to work like metal spring.

After spraying the latex onto the dried milk all fiber preform is placed under a press to form the base. Each layer is checked to ensure the highest quality. The material is then cut into rectangular shape and are prepared for the production of mattresses. This process takes less than 1 day. The resulting coir mattress durable so that they are difficult to bend.

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