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The turnips useful for the organism, properties and contraindications

Benefits and harms of turnip - an interesting topic for fans of simple vegetables and healthy food. This product is rarely seen in the daily diet - but the more curious to understand the properties of turnip and understand whether or not to eat vegetables more often.

The chemical composition of turnip

The benefits and harms of turnips for the human body can be appreciated by considering the composition of the vegetable. The turnips are included the following substances:

  • organic acids and dietary fibers;
  • vitamin P and PP;
  • ascorbic acid and vitamin A;
  • Vitamin B1 and B2;
  • vitamin E;
  • large amount of vitamin K;
  • potassium and phosphorus;
  • calcium and manganese;
  • zinc;
  • choline and beta-carotene;
  • vitamins B6 and B9.

Nutritional value and calorie turnip

As part of the turnip has all the energy of matter in its entirety. However, carbohydrates are represented in the highest volume - 6.2 g Bit contained in vegetable proteins - about 1.5 g, and a very small amount of fats present - not more than 0.1 g Caloric fresh product on 100 g equal to 32 calories.

Useful properties of turnip

Taking into account the wealth of the elemental composition of a vegetable, it is not surprising that the beneficial properties have a very beneficial effect on the body. In particular, turnip:

  • leads to normal peristalsis and helps get rid of constipation;
  • increases gastric secretion - a great benefit brings turnips for gastritis with low acidity;
  • It helps rid the body of excess, toxins and detained liquid;
  • providing disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • good effect on the reproductive system;
  • It helps to get rid of unpleasant feelings during joint problems;
  • purifies the blood;
  • It serves as an effective preventive oncology.

The vegetable is of several types - root crops are distinguished by color. In some varieties of some useful properties may be more pronounced than in others.


Health Benefits yellow turnip is its powerful anti-cold properties - she fights any infections, strengthens the body's resistance to viruses, but still very good for periodontitis. Vegetable yellow - a valuable remedy for edema, when used turnips or drinks on the basis of its excess fluid in the body is no longer delayed.

Yellow root is most often used in cosmetic purposes, as they are most effective impact on the skin.


Black turnip is very useful when you cough, because it is a natural mucolytics, and stimulates the removal of phlegm. She also helps with toothaches and other inflammations. Vegetable often used for weight loss, for the prevention of joint diseases and to combat the fungus and infections. In general, black is considered to be the most useful vegetable for the body from all sorts of dirt.


White turnip is ideal for the normalization of metabolism - it speeds up the metabolism, it helps to eliminate toxins, helps to quickly get rid of excess weight. With the help of the white root, too, can fight the swelling as the excess liquid in the use of vegetable tissues promptly leaves.


Green turnip effectively helps to solve problems with the intestines and stomach. To the list of its advantages include also a beneficial effect on blood vessels - the product reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. Green vegetable normalizes blood pressure and strengthens the heart, helps the good work of the brain.

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