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How useful pike, properties and photos of fish

Benefits and harms of pike - a topic of interest to those who like to be pampered river fish. To correctly determine when pike useful and harmful when you need to study its characteristics.

Looks like and where pike

Fish from the family Schukovye highly regarded avid anglers - and ordinary consumers. Inhabit fish in lakes and rivers, water prefer calm, but the latest - she does not like how fast currents and stagnant ponds.

Check fish quite simple - it always possesses large dimensions may be up to 1 m in length, and sometimes the mass is 20 kg. Scales in her small, gray-green, with a few bright spots, and the tail and fins - red. Fish is classified as predatory jaws so she is dotted with small but sharp teeth.

The chemical composition of the pike

Bright distinguishing feature of pike flesh - that it does not have carbohydrates and is present only 1% fat but proteins occupy as much as 18.4%. In this case, the product contains:

  • top for the human body vitamins - A, C, E, a large set of vitamins B-group;
  • PP nicotinic acid;
  • basic minerals - potassium, calcium, magnesium;
  • sodium and phosphorus in large quantities;
  • little iron;
  • cobalt and chromium;
  • copper and molybdenum.

Calorie pike

Nutritional properties of pike flesh is directly dependent on how the processed useful fish.

Benefits pike health

Useful meat pike has a number of valuable properties, namely:

  • strengthens blood vessels and normalizes heart function;
  • It helps to fight viruses and infections by strengthening the immune system;
  • It promotes a healthy stomach, intestines, liver and pancreas;
  • is the prevention of diabetes;
  • a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  • lowers bad cholesterol;
  • saturates the body with minerals and vitamins.

Is it possible to pike pregnant and lactating women

During childbearing pike have not banned - but doctors recommend to treat it with caution. The fact that the long-lived predatory river fish - and fall into this category and pike - often accumulate deposits of heavy metals. They are harmful to the health of mothers and are especially dangerous to the developing fetus. Therefore, eat fish only need a very high quality, in small amounts - and after careful heat treatment.

Nursing mothers are allowed a useful product. River fish is easily digested grudnichka. Therefore, in the absence of allergy during lactation women can have it - of course, also after quality treatment to prevent possible damage.

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