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What is useful and harmful pita

Benefits and harms of lavash determined by whether manufacturers use in its production of yeast. Real pita bread prepared on unleavened technology is extremely useful and nutritious than other flour products.

What is pita

Pita - the bread in the form of thin cakes. Traditionally, it is preparing the Caucasus: here it is called Churek and is made from wheat flour. Churek especially popular in Armenia and Georgia, in this connection, the most famous were those of his species as Armenian and Georgian lavash. The thickness of the cake is generally up to 3 mm, and weight - not more than 350 g

The chemical composition and calorific value of lavash

Its use, thin pita bread must contain in its composition of fat, magnesium, copper. In addition, a cake full of vitamins, and for every 100 grams of it accounted for 10 grams of protein, 1.15 grams of fat and 54.6 grams of carbohydrates - which is 215 kcal 264 kcal of its total energy value. This means that even with such unquestionable benefit to abuse this tasty product is not worth it.

Full chemical composition (BZHU)

  • fats - 1.15 g;
  • Water - 31.90 g;
  • cellulose - 1.9 g;
  • Protein - 10 g;
  • carbohydrates - 54.6 g;
  • -1.4 g of sugar;
  • Ashes of -2


Fat-soluble vitamins E, K and the B vitamins B (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9).

Benefits for the body of lavash

Benefit to the organism will only freshly prepared by the original recipe pita bread. Frozen and transported to another country any good bread will not. The distinctive features of the home or properly prepared Churek from the store are its high nutritional and dietary properties. This bread can be made from wheat flour and are not afraid to use it on a daily basis, without harm to health. Churek recommended in the preparation of different diets, because in the ranking of good pastry comes first: doctors recommend it, and the elderly, and children.

But the main useful property Churek is its ability to increase or decrease the level of carbohydrates in the human body to the recommended standards. Due to the fact that the pita bread contains valuable substances, vitamins and minerals, it eliminates the addition of yeast, preparing not for the traditional baking technology, it has the property to strengthen the body's immunity.

Attention! People suffering from dysbiosis and fungal infections of the intestine, thin bread will help get rid of the disease and improve gastric digestion.

The main thing - to pay attention to the absence of a part of a commercially available yeast pita, or the product is able to use instead of harm.

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How to prepare pita bread at home

To maximize the benefits of pita is necessary to choose in the store, or to learn how to cook at home alone. Lower calorie will testify in favor of Armenian lavash - against the background of the Georgian fluffy cakes.

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