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What is useful and harmful agar

Agar - popular product in different areas. In women it is valuable because it helps with weight loss. But the benefits and harms of agar in full are little known. Let us examine at first.

What is agar-agar

Agar - a natural and healthy gelatin. The substance is considered to be the gelling in the world and is superior to the properties of gelatin. Get him out of brown and red algae. Their natural habitat - the White Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Chemical composition and caloric content of agar

Status gelatin agar has only refrigerated. When heated, the beneficial agent is condensed, and at a temperature of +80... + 90 ° C the substance passes into the liquid state of aggregation.

Calorie per 100 g of the product is 12 kcal. Thus proteins - 2 g fat - 0 g, and carbohydrates - 0.8 g

From predominates vitamins nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), and vitamins of group B.

Agar-agar is rich in minerals, mainly calcium therein, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and others. But 60% of it consists of iodine.

The polysaccharides in the product are presented lactose, pentose and pyruvic acid.

The use of agar-agar for the body

First to open the useful properties of agar-agar is the Japanese people. They daily ate gelatin due to the fact that it speeds up the metabolic processes in the body.

The use of agar-agar for health:

  • thyroid control operation;
  • due thyritropic hormone decreases blood glucose and cholesterol, so the product is useful in atherosclerosis, diabetes and varicose disease;
  • gastritis prevention and stomach ulcers by reducing gastric acidity;
  • cleaning the body of toxins, toxins, bacteria and harmful salts via fiber;
  • promotes early recovery after fractures.

Important! The product has a selective effect, it does not show the mineral salts, and is not addictive.

For men and women

The product has an enormous benefit to women. It accelerates cell regeneration due to the production of collagen and elastane. These elements have a beneficial effect on skin and hair. Agar remains young women.

Gelatin reduces the risk of cancer of the mammary glands of girls.

It helps the fair sex to lose weight. Such an effect is produced due to low caloric agar-agar, and the presence of fiber, which swells in the stomach and causes satiety.

Saves and generates a figure of a girl via fat malabsorption of other products, which enters the body. However, he not only sucks, but quickly takes these substances.

As for the male body, the individual no advantage, except for the general, as specified in the previous section.

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