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Useful than activated carbon, instructions for use

Benefits and harms of activated carbon - burning question for fans of simple treatment, but effective means. We must carefully look into all the properties of the drug, to provide an answer.

How to make activated carbon

The raw material for the familiar black pellets are coal and bituminous coal, wood and coconut shells. First, these components carbonize, and then subjected to the procedure, after which they acquire healing properties - activation.

Activation can be carried out in two ways:

  • Treatment of the coal with superheated steam or carbon dioxide at a temperature of 800-850 degrees.
  • Impregnated coal potassium carbonate or zinc chloride, followed by heating.

In both cases, in the corner of the pores are opened, which until that time were in a closed state. By a procedure is their activation. Formulation has pronounced absorbing properties, and thus almost not harmful to the organism.

Useful properties of activated carbon and

The main magic of activated carbon property - is an absorbent, ie absorbent function. The drug during ingestion literally absorbs harmful substances and all excess liquid frees them from the organism, and then easily and outputs them to the outside without any problems.

It is curious that it is used including for industrial purposes. However, most known for the medicinal properties of the drug. It is used:

  • for poisoning;
  • in disorders of the stomach and intestines;
  • at intoxication induced colds and inflammatory diseases;
  • allergies;
  • hangover;
  • when cleaning the body - a substance absorbs even heavy metal elements.

How many pills to drink activated charcoal per kg

Medicinal properties of the activated carbon is directly dependent on its dosage. If you feel unwell enough to eat 1 or 2 carbon pills - harm they inflict, however, and the benefits will be minimal.

  • The volume of the drug depends on the weight of the person using the following formula - 0.25 g per 1 kg of coal weight.
  • In the absorbent tablet contains about 2.5 g of the substance - in other words, the dosage for a 10 kg weight.
  • To calculate your individual rate, divide your body weight by 10 - and the resulting figure would be the number of tablets. Thus, when weight 65 kg must be taken 6,5 tablet formulation at a weight of 80 kg - 8 tablets.

How best to drink activated charcoal before or after a meal

As a rule, use absorbent advise on an empty stomach - it does not matter, before the meal, or a couple of hours later. Then the use of activated charcoal is maximized to the human body. However, this does not apply to acute intestinal disorders and poisoning - in such cases it is necessary to use the medicine immediately if symptoms occur.

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