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Cahors: useful properties and contraindications

Benefits and harms of Cahors - these characteristics are interested in people who are fond of the recipes of traditional medicine. It is important to understand that only high quality beverage can have certain medicinal properties, provided literacy of its use in accordance with the doctor's recommendations.

A little history

Cahors having recognized therapeutic properties recognized red wine from the French town Cahors, which serves as raw material for grape Malbec, tannate and Merlot. A characteristic feature of this healthy drink is a very dark color.

Cahors is known since the days of the Romans. Its thanks to the beneficial properties of a few centuries, the British bought for the officers of the Navy.

It is believed that this grape product in Russia with healing properties has become famous and popular I drink, thanks to Peter I, which European doctors recommended to take useful for good wine health. His favor appreciated and has used the Russian Orthodox Church for the sacrament of Communion.

Since the XIX century was carried out in Moldova, and then in the southern Russian regions. There were popular varieties fortified wines of the Cahors wine range - Easter, South Coast, Cathedral, Church.

Russian Kagor has differences from the French and may be made from other grape varieties such as Cabernet Saperavi Sauvignon. But the use of it is not less wide range.

The composition and caloric content of Cahors

Useful Cahors modern production-oriented to the needs of the church, at 16˚ fortress contains 18% sugar. Implemented in retail trade varieties are characterized by a low concentration of sugar - no more than 16%.

As part of defining the basic properties, there are a variety of useful elements for the body:

  • bioflavonoids;
  • B vitamins;
  • amino acids;
  • iron;
  • potassium;
  • sodium;
  • zinc;
  • manganese;
  • iodine;
  • rubidium;
  • fructose;
  • organic acids;
  • glucose;
  • tannins.

Attention! Important presence in the resveratrol - a natural phytoalexin, contributes to the destruction of pathogenic fungi and bacteria.

Caloric noble useful Kagor based on 100 g of the product averages 147 kcal.

How useful Cahors

Rich important elements of the composition causes diverse medicinal properties and benefits Kagor to the human body, which is expressed in several ways:

  • improving the function of the cardiovascular organs;
  • prevention of harm from atherosclerosis;
  • lowering cholesterol concentration;
  • elimination of anemia;
  • slowing the aging process;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • providing benefit to improve performance;
  • promoting weight loss;
  • formation of stress;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • opposition to harm from viral and fungal infections;
  • regeneration of liver cells;
  • beneficial effects on the strengthening of the bones;
  • treatment of joint diseases;
  • treatment of bronchitis, pneumonia, common cold;
  • prevention of harm from tuberculosis;
  • improvement of health in diabetes;
  • strengthening of dental enamel and gums;
  • stimulating the digestive processes.

Says the health benefits of Cahors in the prevention of cancer.

Can I Cahors during pregnancy and breastfeeding

It seems doubtful Cahors benefits to women during pregnancy, although there are recommendations for its admission as a potent immunomodulator.

Typical red wine of Cahors benefits and harms are studied carefully, because alcohol is contraindicated for the mother, as well as at the stage of feeding the baby breast milk. If a situation arises when a doctor recommends Cahors for women in the amount of two or three tablespoons spoons per day, it is important not to get involved, and do not exceed the designated amount, to avoid harm to health.

How to make Cahors wine for medicinal purposes

Cahors efficient treatment without harm to the general state of the organism based on the account of its beneficial properties, subject to the duration of reception of the drink and registered contraindications. Preparing a medicinal species, using quality ingredients.

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