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Ozonator for the house: the benefits and harms

Benefits and harms of the ozonator - it is a matter that requires careful consideration. Household appliance generates gas, which we feel as fresh on the street after the rain and thunderstorms. However, the ozone concentration in the air scanty. In large quantities, the gas is harmful to human health. It can be concluded that an ozonizer may be useful when properly using it.

Ozone and its effect on the human body

The properties of ozone began to study in the 18th century. Artificial way it managed to get a Swiss scientist Christian Friedrich Schönbein in the 19th century. For the first time in the test of industrial water ozonation French decided in the last century.

To find out what brings Ozonator benefit and harm to the human body, you first need to become familiar with the properties of ozone. Gas is a modification of the oxygen. It consists of triatomic molecules. The high concentration ozone has a bluish color, has a pungent odor and strong oxidizing properties. Gas destroys all kinds of harmful bacteria and microorganisms, cleans the air and water. Ozone is able to oxidize almost all metals and even non-metals.

Useful properties of the gas to the human body appear only in small concentrations. Alternative medicine is based direction, united under one name - ozone therapy. Gas is antiseptic, activates the exchange of nutrients in the body, possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Attention! The official medicine does not recognize the effectiveness of ozone therapy. Nontraditional methods allowed the patient after notification of the possible consequences.

Methods of alternative medicine still has not passed clinical trials and have not been confirmed. Cases detected negative effects of gas upon contact with blood. A large concentration of ozone is harmful to human body. Gas creates severe burns of the respiratory tract that terminates in death.

What is an Ozonator and how it works

Ozonator - a device created for the artificial production of ozone. The amount of gas is generated depending on the power. In nature, ozone is formed from lightning. Scientists have studied the properties of the gas and have learned to receive it from the artificially created electrical discharges. On this principle were established household ozonizers.

The device consists of four main components:

  • power supply generates a high voltage;
  • generator forming lightning discharges like;
  • a fan for air intake and the supply of ozone generated;
  • electronic control unit.

Different companies are trying to improve their products with additional features. Most often they are complementary to a humidifier.

The principle of operation of most ozone is the same:

  • the user puts the work time includes the start button;
  • generator power source supplies a high voltage, causing an electric discharge is obtained, forming ozone;
  • operating the fan emits gas in the room, and the generator delivers a new portion of air.

At the end of the time set on the timer, the electronic device automatically disconnects the Ozonator.

Important! For optimal benefit to put on the device while ozonation maximum of 30 minutes.

types of ozone

Industry produces ozone generators of different capacity that defines their field of application.

Industrial and medical

Devices for industrial use are designed for large rooms ozonation. Ozone generators are used for drinking water purification, disinfection of sewage drains, clean engine oil, disinfect the vehicle. Used industrial model for the ozonation of pool water, bleaching paper production.

Medical electronic devices used for the disinfection of premises, sterilization of instruments. Was treated with ozone even drugs in the form of solutions. From this increases their healing properties.

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