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Benefits and harms of peas. How to prepare properly

Beans - it's one of the most useful parts of the human diet. And what is its use? Can this product harm the body? How to prepare it, to make a healthy dish? All this talk in detail.

Often, medical experts advise to use in food, dishes of peas, those patients who suffer from high cholesterol values. And indeed, these beans have useful elements, the ability to purify the body from him. But, the fact is that the peas makes cholesterol consistency of thick, and that it is deposited on the walls of blood vessels in the form of plaques. That's the paradox.

Peas ancient culture, and many thousands of years ago, it has already consumed as food by people of different nations. He was the main dish on the tables of people of the lower classes, as had fed and well gave a lot of energy to operate. In addition, it was easy to prepare. In China it is considered a delicacy, and green peas served only the aristocracy.

Today, peas has not lost its popularity. This is a very tasty and nutritious product, especially when properly prepared. Peas useful in its composition, rich in trace elements, minerals and vitamins that support health at a good level.

  • In many peas vegetable protein and amino acids. During the fast, or those who adhere to vegetarianism, peas become an alternative to meat products.
  • B vitamins are responsible for the functioning of the nervous and digestive system. Because these vitamins are contained in peas in a large amount, the metabolic processes are "Hurray." If the body is observed their deficit can be observed sleep disturbances, decline in brain activity, stomach malfunctions and disorders of the nervous system.
  • Magnesium and potassium are beneficial effect on the heart, strengthens blood vessels, and stimulate blood circulation, so there is cellular nutrition authorities.
  • Iron, which in a lot of peas, involved in the synthesis of red blood cells, is the prevention of anemia and anemia.
  • Vitamin E or tocopherol, is useful for the female reproductive system. Thanks to his improved appearance, rejuvenates the body, the condition of hair, skin, nails becomes much more attractive.
  • Phosphorus and calcium form a bone tissue, enhance the musculoskeletal system.
  • Iodine supports the endocrine system, normalizes the general condition of the body.
  • Peas helps to fight cancer cells.

Tasty and useful considered boiled pease pudding, with the addition of vegetable oil.

There are contraindications of this wonderful product. For example, urinary tract, diabetes, the use of pea is not suitable for kidney disease.

In its raw form to use green peas to be careful because it may adversely affect the intestines and the stomach. Ulcers, gastritis are strict contraindications for use.

In all other cases, the dishes of peas is very beneficial to health, and must include in the diet of any person.

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