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Pros and cons of diet Maggi

There are many food systems that help to lose weight. Among them there are diets that do not require fasting. For example, a well-known method of Maggi, where the main foods are eggs. Before you start a conversation about the benefits and disadvantages of this diet, I want to remind you that, as in other cases, be sure to consult a nutritionist.

The lack of hunger - this is the main advantage of this technique. Eggs - the protein product preserve a feeling of satiety for a long time, which significantly reduces the risk of break and disrupt the power supply system. a huge amount of protein and the yolk contains a lot of useful substances is a part of the protein. Because the diet is not observed Maggie beriberi. All dishes are simple, which gently cook very quickly. But we need to prepare well for the conduct of such a diet, and for this you need to know everything about her.

This methodology for all its exclusive use, it also has disadvantages:

  • Not all, but there are side effects.
  • Diet needs to control the amount of fluid you drink.
  • There may be a violation of the intestine.
  • Many unpleasant smell emanating from the body.

Such a diet is not acceptable for those who suffer from diseases of the digestive and urinary systems, since the conversion of protein into amino acids requires the expenditure of resources gastrointestinal tract, and this is a big load. Because the amount of liquid and has a value. If it is to drink more than 2 liters, the load on the heart and blood vessels increase, causing an increase in pressure. If the body feels the lack of fluid, metabolism slows down, and the decay products will no longer be displayed, threatening intoxication.

Following such a diet there are a variety of problems, such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation, because of the difficult digestion of eggs. When the protein is cleaved, it causes unpleasant body odor, since the chemical composition of sweat, and body fluids varies.

Itself a diet for 4 weeks, and involves minimizing the consumption of carbohydrates. It is necessary to activate the chemical reactions in the body to remove toxins, fat digestion.

Diet implies certain rules that must be followed. Namely:

  • Vegetables should be cooked.
  • Completely abandon the oil and any fat.
  • If the specified diet eating fruit, then you can use only one type.
  • Instead of fat cheese, you need to eat low-fat cottage cheese.

Be sure to maintain physical activity. It's not about strength training, and a light exercise. Diet Maggie - a rather monotonous menu, and it is important to know not only about effectiveness, but also about the disadvantages that can cause harm.

If you have used this diet share your opinion.

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