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The push-ups are useful and how to make them, video

Benefits and harms of push-ups are relevant to all those involved in sports professionally or at home. That push-ups are included in the list of basic exercise for the body, so they do not cause harm, you need to know about them as much as possible.

What is push-ups

Useful pushups knowingly enter into any training complex - the effectiveness of this exercise is very high, and for its implementation does not need any additional equipment.

The bottom line is that it is necessary to adopt a so-called focus, lying down, resting on the floor with his toes and hands, and using the arm strength to lift and lower the body back to its own. You must go down as low as possible, as close to the floor, but in both phases of the exercise elongated body needs to stay tight and perfectly straight.

types of push-ups

Despite the simplicity, useful ups are divided into many varieties. As the most popular can be listed:

  • classic;
  • from the wall or from the support;
  • from his knees;
  • their fists and fingers;
  • from jumping out upwards and cotton;
  • on the one hand;
  • with his feet on a pedestal.

Some of these species are easy push-ups, others are more complicated version of the exercise. With a serious approach to the useful employment it is recommended anyway to get acquainted with each of the species.

Which muscles are working with push-ups

During the push-ups are utilized, not all, but many muscles of the body. With proper exercise, included in the work:

  • large pectoral musclesIn everyday life, they are loaded quite rare, but when push-ups, the main effort has to do it to them;
  • triceps - the shoulder muscles are actively involved in the rise from the floor of the body, and increase the burden on them as possible, changing the setting of hands on a narrower;
  • delta - muscles that form the silhouette of the shoulder, are also involved in raising the case while push-ups and well-worked;
  • serratus anterior - muscles located in the thoracic department of the front, are set in motion during inspiration and a retracted blades and successfully pumped during pushups.

In addition to these muscles are involved in the work of the press and the large muscles of the buttocks. They are not directly involved in the exercise, but feel static electricity while maintaining the correct posture. It also contributes to their strengthening and elaboration. Indirectly involved in the exercise back muscles, but they have a small load.

The use of push-ups for men and women

Properties push any type of benefit to both men and women. The use of push-ups for men consists in the fact that:

  • strengthens and expands the muscles, forming a beautiful muscular system;
  • increasing performance strength and endurance, even training on simulators do not bring the same effect as a regular push-ups with a lot of repetition;
  • It improves blood circulation, and with it strengthens blood vessels and heart - squeezing a very positive effect on health;
  • increases efficiency and energy - a series of push-ups in the morning helps to quickly and easily to wake up and cheer.

The use of push-ups is also very high for girls. The fairer sex can rarely achieve the same rates as men. But properties daily push-ups as opportunities also bring beneficial effects, namely:

  • help to lose weight - with push-ups extensively consumed calories and burn fat;
  • strengthen the muscular system - the body becomes taut and lean, with the "siphon" and earn extra muscles with push-ups for girls is almost impossible;
  • align your posture - with push-ups is important to keep the spine steady and constant exercise form the habit of not slouch;
  • help strengthen the hands and get rid of the sagging shoulders.

The use of push-ups for women is also that exercise helps to visually enlarge the breasts. Of course, the size of the bust remains the same, but slightly stronger and the muscles increase in size, which are located on top of the breasts. As a result, the breast begins to look more taut and high.

The load on the muscles

Useful properties of push ups for men and women lies in the fact that the exercise gives how to work out the muscles in the arms, chest and shoulders. In everyday life, mentioned muscle groups are involved marginally so often weaken and even atrophy. Properties push-ups help to rectify the situation, return the muscle power and dramatically transform the breast shape and the shoulder girdle.

strengthening brushes

During push-hands take on the main body weight - respectively, it is their rapid strengthening. The use of push-ups on the hands is particularly relevant for boxers and people involved in martial arts, so pushups in these sports are included in the mandatory training program.

improving coordination

With proper implementation of push-ups you need to keep the body tight and stretched in a straight line. pelvic or sagging knees, hunched posture considered unacceptable, they reduce the effectiveness of the exercise and reduce the strain on the muscles. Control the position of the body during exercise is quite difficult, so at regular trainings rapidly improving motor coordination and control of the sense of balance.

Attention! Of particular benefit to bring coordination properties of some sophisticated push-ups, for example, of cotton, with jumping out or upside down. However, they can only perform at a good level of physical fitness, or possible harm.

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