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Benefits and harms of sunflower seeds for the body

Benefits and harms of interest to many sunflower seeds - tasty and palatable seeds are a popular delicacy. Valuable properties of the product is sufficient, but it hurt too, maybe that's why it is wise to explore the features.

Composition, caloric and nutritional value of sunflower seeds

Small seeds - a rich source of nutrients and vitamins. They contain:

  • Vitamins E, A and D;
  • amino acids and vegetable oils;
  • cellulose;
  • subgroups of B vitamins - B1 to B12;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin K and PP;
  • potassium and phosphorus;
  • sodium and calcium;
  • magnesium, manganese and zinc;
  • iron and selenium;
  • Omega 9 and omega-6.

Nutrients in the product are as follows - 52 grams occupy fats, proteins are presented in the amount of about 20 g, and the total carbohydrate contained 15 g. Calorie content in the product is quite high - 570 calories present in 100 g.

Than helpful sunflower seeds

For the human body sunflower seeds benefit provided they are moderate use. Namely, the seeds:

  • have a beneficial effect on blood vessels - strengthen their walls, equalize pressure, reduce harmful cholesterol;
  • protect against heart diseases;
  • positive effect on the stomach and intestines - helps with constipation, cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances;
  • strengthen the joints and provide a good prevention of arthritis and other diseases;
  • protect the body from cancer development;
  • improve vision and condition of the teeth;
  • a beneficial effect on nerves and emotional state;
  • improve the respiratory system in asthma.

Useful properties of sunflower seeds spread and the appearance. With regular use of the product improves skin condition and become more healthy and beautiful hair.

For women

The use of sunflower seeds for the women primarily cosmetic. For internal use product has beneficial effects on the beauty and extends the natural youthfulness. Use the beneficial properties of the product and the external way - for example, as a part of home peels and scrubs. It contains a lot of vitamin E, which largely depends on the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.

Despite the calorie product, apply it the beneficial properties may be in losing weight. Since the product helps to cleanse the bowel, a small amount of seeds in the diet while only benefit figure.

For men

The use of sunflower seeds for the men is the beneficial effects on reproductive function. Since the used blood circulation improves product quality of sexual activity also becomes higher. Vitamins and minerals are a part of helping to improve the genetic material of the men who use the product is useful when planning kids.

For kids

Benefits and harms of sunflower seeds for the body of children is closely adjacent to each other. Prohibit younger children to chew sunflower seeds do not need to - the useful properties of this product will be able to compensate for the lack of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D in the body. In other words, the product will be useful for the child's teeth and bones.

However, just as its properties can be harmful. First of all, the dosage should be moderate, not more than a small handful of product per day. For the first time to introduce the product in the diet is necessary not before the child turns 3 years old, and thus it is necessary to make sure that the baby is not to crack the shells teeth - it will harm the tooth enamel.

Attention! Since the individual states of the useful properties of roasted sunflower seeds may be contraindicated, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician before offering a treat to the child.

Can I seeds for pregnant and lactating

Benefit seeds for pregnant women - the properties of the product have a beneficial effect on the state of vascular woman to cross the placenta and on the fruit itself. However, during the childbearing is considered the greatest benefits of raw sunflower seeds. They are lower in calories and less likely to cause heartburn and diarrhea, although they should not be abused.

That the product did not bring harm, pregnant women should buy refined sunflower seeds - when they are used it is not necessary to crack the shells, which means that there is no harm to tooth enamel.

As for breast-feeding, the lactation to the useful properties of the product should be treated with increased caution. Sunflower seeds are allergenic foods - in their diet need to be repaid in small doses, carefully watching the reaction grudnichka. If the negative effects are not followed, the product will benefit, the mother's milk will be more nutritious.

The use of sunflower seeds for weight loss

Despite the high calorie, sunflower seeds are beneficial for women with weight loss. The bottom line is that the sunflower seeds stimulate the metabolism and help to normalize the chair, so the body of accumulated toxins out faster.

The use of seed of sunflower lies in the fact that the product is well satisfies hunger. A small handful of seeds to replace a snack and do not harm any shape or state of health.

How many sunflower seeds can be eaten on the day

Benefits and harms of roasted sunflower seeds are determined by their number directly. Seeds are very high in calories and contain a lot of fat. When immoderate use of their properties will cause harm to have a negative effect on the bowel, cause heartburn and nausea, contribute to weight gain.

the average daily dose of the product should not exceed 50 g for an adult Children's portion should be reduced by half.

Benefits and harms of sunflower seeds for diseases

Under certain ailments diet has to be emphasized. Against the background of chronic diseases benefit and harm to the health of sunflower seeds are manifested in different ways, it is necessary to know the features of use for each disease.

In diabetes

The glycemic index of the product is quite low - only 25 units. In addition, the use of black seed is a high magnesium content in the product, this element reduces the level of sugar in the blood.

But useful to use sunflower seeds should still be in small portions. Because of its high-calorie foods can cause obesity, to which so many diabetics are prone.

Important! In diabetes, the greatest benefit of sunflower seeds, only slightly dried in a pan, the lower the level of toasting, the less potential damage to the liver and metabolism.


Against the background of chronic gastritis use roasted sunflower seeds becomes ambiguous. For all its valuable properties of sunflower seeds irritate the stomach wall, and it is harmful, because it can provoke the next exacerbation, and even lead to ulcers.

It is strictly forbidden to use the product in the acute phase of gastritis. In remission better confined in small portions and choose seeds minimum roasting.


During an acute inflammation of the pancreas to use helpful sunflower seeds is strictly forbidden - their properties only cause harm. In chronic disease the product can be left in the diet, but it is better to give preference to not fried, and dried seeds. It will harm from salty sunflower seeds - from them should be abandoned entirely.

when gout

Benefits Sunflower seeds in gout is ambiguous - fried product is better not to use, because its properties can be harmful and lead to increased pain. But raw seeds in small amounts is possible, though not in the period of exacerbation and during remission. Sunflower seeds are not subjected to roasting, it contains a lot of useful substances and do not lead to salt deposits in the joints.

The use of sunflower seeds in folk medicine

The use of sunflower seeds is used in homemade recipes health. Thanks to its beneficial properties, the product is able to relieve the symptoms of certain diseases, although there should be observed a moderate dosage.

Treatment of cough and bronchitis

In protracted cough will benefit broth from sunflower seeds. About 50 g of crude sunflower seeds to pour water glass, to boil and leave to cook over low heat until evaporate until a third of the original amount of liquid.

After that, the broth cooled, filtered and taken in a volume of 2 large tablespoons three times a day.

High blood pressure

Use of kernels of sunflower seeds is hypertension. Recipe therapeutic agent is as follows:

  • raw seeds metered in an amount of 2 cups;
  • with cold water and set on fire;
  • After boiling, cook for 2 more hours.

Then beneficial agent cooled and filtered, and drink twice a day with 100 ml. Total course should take 2 weeks, you can repeat the treatment after 5 days, if necessary.

To enhance immunity

Benefit sunflower kernels with weakened immunity, they contain a lot of vitamins. During seasonal colds every morning is recommended to eat small spoon peeled raw sunflower seeds, pre-mixing them with the same amount of honey and lemon juice.

In cancer

The product properties are able to help even in oncology. Most useful sprouted sunflower seeds. They contain the most valuable substances, and most importantly, there is a large amount of antioxidants.

For the prevention and treatment of cancer is recommended every morning on an empty stomach to eat at least 50 shoots of sunflower - separately or as part of cereal or salad. Product properties contribute to rejuvenation of cells activated protective functions and suspend the growth of malignant neoplasms.

Attention! To treat cancer is necessary with the help of medications and treatments prescribed by a doctor. Use sunflower germs can only be used as an additional tool.

Benefits and harms of white sunflower seeds

Sometimes stores can meet a variety of exciting products - seeds, covered with not black and white skin. Usually they are called Turkish seeds, because it is in Turkey this variety is grown for a long time and successfully.

In its composition, white seeds do not differ from the black. Accordingly, they exhibit useful properties similar - purified intestine and strengthen the heart vessels, improve skin condition. Husk in a given grade a little tougher, but pure white sunflower seeds easier than black.

Harm white seeds can be expressed in their excessive use. Since they also contain high amounts of fat, overeating leads to abdominal discomfort.

Than helpful sunflower seeds germinated

The use of sprouted sunflower seeds is highly appreciated. First of all, sprouts contain much more fiber than the more raw and roasted seeds, thus helping to effectively cleanse the body of toxins and improve digestion.

Also, the use of sprouts sunflower seeds is that they help in skin ailments and problems with potency in men, strengthen teeth and hair.

The use of sunflower seeds in cosmetology

The presence of vitamins A, E and D in the product, as well as a high content of fat - that the reasons for which the properties of seeds are valued in cosmetology. The crushed seeds are often used in a home facial masks, particularly beneficial effect on seed yield scrubs basis. Sunflower seeds can get rid of acne and improve the skin's structure, making it more supple and taut.

The product has regenerative properties and promotes healing of cutaneous lesions. Therefore, from the seeds make homemade ointment has a beneficial effect on cuts, scrapes and burns. A sunflower seed oil has beneficial effect on the skin and strengthens the hair structure for use in medical masks.

How to fry sunflower seeds

Buy roasted sunflower seeds at the store necessarily, raw seeds, you can quickly and simply fry at home. Do it like this:

  • raw sunflower seeds in the shells spread on a hot frying pan;
  • periodically stir fried for about a quarter hour to simmer;
  • when the seeds begin to pop, they are tested for readiness, remove the husk a few seeds.

If seeds roasted, pan can be removed from the heat. Hot seeds then poured into any suitable container for 10 minutes covered with a towel.

Benefit seeds with sea salt, and cook them at home, you can too. The recipe is simple:

  • before frying sunflower seeds soaked briefly in water, wherein divorced sea salt;
  • then poured into a pan together with the liquid;
  • fry until the water has evaporated, and the seeds do not reach until tender.

Tip! Fry the peeled seeds even easier - the process is exactly the same, but it takes less than 5 minutes. The readiness of sunflower kernels will tell the emergence of a slight blush on the surface.

Damage to sunflower seeds and contraindications

Useful properties of the seeds can easily turn into harmful if consumed without respect for their care. Contraindications for this product include:

  • allergy to seeds;
  • stomach ulcer and acute gastritis;
  • pancreatitis and gout in the acute phase;
  • intestinal colitis;
  • gallbladder disease;
  • a tendency to obesity.

It is not recommended to chew the husk of the seeds teeth - this leads to damage to the enamel. Also, seeds are harmful for the night, if you eat them just before sleep, resulting calories will be deposited in adipose tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although sunflower seeds are a common product, they still cause a lot of questions. Answers to some of them need to know.

What seeds useful: fried or raw

The greatest benefit, of course, bring the properties of raw sunflower seeds. They preserve the full amount of vitamins and minerals, high in fiber and amino acids present. But in the process of roasting up to 80% of valuable substances disappear and, even though such seeds are more pleasant to the taste, benefit to the organism from them much less.

May be harmful to the liver roasted sunflower seeds - they stimulate the flow of bile, which is dangerous for chronic diseases of the body. In the presence of diseases of the liver is to choose raw or lightly-dried seeds and stick to small portions.

Can I eat sunflower seeds with shells

Husk almost not digested in the body and can cause nothing but harm. Eating sunflower seeds together with the skin can cause constipation, appendicitis and other problems with the stomach and intestines.

Another reason is to clean the seeds that accumulate in the husk harmful substances, which do not disappear until the end, even after thorough washing of seeds.

What are the useful seeds: sunflower or pumpkin

Both products have a mass of useful properties. In its composition they are similar, but there are important differences. In particular, sunflower kernels contain much more protein and, therefore, amino acids. At the same time, pumpkin seeds present more magnesium, iron and zinc.

Choose a variety of sunflower seeds should be based on your own needs. As will be useful to sunflower seeds, but if you want to make up for the lack of minerals, it is best to choose a pumpkin seeds as a protein product.

How to choose and store sunflower seeds

When buying a product at the store you need to look first at the date of manufacture. The harvest of sunflower seeds harvested in the fall, respectively, and the seeds should be put up in this period. Assess the quality of store products in other ways is not usually possible, it is sold in opaque packaging.

As for the seeds sold by weight, there is need to pay attention to the following points:

  • smell - either raw or roasted grain should not publish stale or bitter flavor;
  • color - quality grain sunflower must have glistening black skin without gray haze;
  • size - the most delicious are considered average in terms of seeds, besides they are the easiest to clean.

Raw sunflower grains deteriorate very quickly. Save their useful properties helps in drying the first place - right after buying the seeds need to spread evenly on the light, and hold a few days, stirring occasionally.

The product is best stored in a refrigerator at 10 ° C in small paper bags. At low humidity the beneficial properties remain for 9 months. As for the roasted seeds, they are stored only about one and a half months.


Benefits and harms of sunflower seeds determined by the general state of the organism. In the absence of strict contraindications seeds can be beneficial, but to use them you still need a little.

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