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The output of mold on the walls in the apartment

Print the fungus on the wall of the apartment is very difficult, but there are many methods to eliminate mold. To get rid of unsightly and dangerous spots in the house, you need to know ways to combat the fungus and prevention measures.

Why mold appears in the apartment

At first glance, it seems that in a normal apartment building mold should not occur in principle. People tend to think that the fungus multiplies primarily in private and at the same time very neglected homes.

In fact, everything is not so, the mold can occur even in the most comfortable, beautiful and stylish city apartment. There are some basic factors of its occurrence.

  • Poor ventilation and high humidity. If the apartment is almost no fresh air enters, then sooner or later on the walls and in the corners begins to accumulate excess moisture. This environment is ideal for breeding mold.
  • Continuous leakage of moistureUsually against this background there is mold in the kitchen or bathroom with the faulty faucets. On the upper floors of the fungus can grow on the ceiling and in the upper corners, if the roof leaks.
  • Excessive freezing of the walls, Windows and other structures in the winter. If the wall is a window or window slopes are cooled too much, in contrast to room temperature the condensate formed on the surface thereof. If the walls or slopes "mist" is constant, then sooner or later they will be got mold.

Whatever the cause may have been caused by a fungus in an apartment, you need to think about how best to bring the mold from the walls. Mold fungus is not only spoil the interior and gradually destroys the surface, it is dangerous to the human body. When permanent residence in the flat mold may develop allergic reactions and dermatological diseases, against a background of high humidity there are diseases of the respiratory system. In adults and especially in children drops sharply immunity.

How to display the fungus on the walls in the apartment folk ways

If the apartment was discovered fungus, and specialized means is not at hand, then bring the black mold on the walls can be home remedies.

  • With the help of vinegar. You need to dial the liquid in spray or moisten a cloth in vinegar and then wipe or spray the affected area thoroughly. Then part of the wall is wiped with a cloth moistened with plain water, and how to ventilate the room, vinegar makes a rather pungent odor.
  • With the help of tea tree oil. 200 ml of water is necessary to add 7-10 drops of oil, and then sprayed over the surface of the cloth to dampen or solution. Also in the room can be expanded cotton pads soaked in essential oil, and light aroma lamp. A few minutes after the application of the wall ether must also be wiped with a damp cloth and leave to dry.
  • With the help of soda. Alkaline environment is detrimental for any fungus. In a glass of water to dissolve all 1 spoonful of powder, and then moisten the sponge or cloth in the soda solution and thoroughly rinse the wall.

Tip! Use baking soda is especially convenient because it does not emit noxious fumes and does not emit any toxic substances during evaporation, the wall after it you can almost wipe.

How to display the mold in the house pharmacy means

Aside from home remedies to deal with mold well help pharmacy cheap drugs.

  • Ammonia. Neutral ammonia should be diluted with water in equal amounts, and then treat the skin surface. In this case, you need to follow some rules - processing is carried out only in gloves, and desirable to wear safety glasses. After wiping the walls smelling salts it will need as it should be washed with water to remove the pungent smell.
  • Boric acid. The solution brings a good effect even when a single application, but even better effect in combination with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Acid, vinegar and peroxide must be mixed in a ratio of 1: 2: 2, and then diluted with a further 4 parts water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. Common peroxide has strong antibacterial properties and eliminates fungus. Pharmacy 3% solution must be properly handle the contaminated surface and then gently wash the wall with water.

For rough old walls it is better to apply peroxide. It is safe for the health, and even the remains of funds can not be removed from the surface of the wall, harm will not.

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How to withdraw the mold with the help of specialized tools

With strong walls of mold infection it is meaningful to apply special chemicals. Their effect will be faster and more powerful than from domestic and pharmaceutical agents.

  • Laundry detergent or bleach. Aggressive substances in the composition to quickly bring the mold or white powder. Household chemicals diluted with water, and then liberally applied to a wall by means of a stiff brush. Then the wall is thoroughly washed and left to dry.
  • bluestone. This chemical has a fungicidal effect and good help from the mold, and you can buy it at any hardware store. About 20 g of the powder should be diluted in 1 liter of warm water and treat with a solution of the desired section of the wall several times - with an interval of 3-5 hours between treatments. Pre-wall must be properly sanded and wash with soap and water. Use bluestone wear gloves and a mask, and after the treatment room as follows aerate.
  • Ready fungicidalFor example, Fongiflyuid or Senezh Effo. These solutions are designed specifically in order to bring the fungus in the house on the walls, and give guaranteed results. Chemical agent need 1 time to put on the wall, and when it dries, remove the remnants of dry scrub brush solution.

Important! After application of specialty chemicals to wash the walls need special care, toxic substances in the composition of solutions capable of harming human health.

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