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How to wash the gum from pants

Anyone faced adhering to the pants gum, and according to the law of meanness it happens to the most favorite pants. However, do not get upset and think that a thing can not be put in the proper form. Remove the gum with jeans easily, only need a little effort and patience.

Methods of removing gum trousers

Each man caught in such a situation, feeling embarrassed and trying as soon as possible to hide from human eyes to try and remove the gum with jeans. It is not necessary to throw away the clothes, there are many ways to get rid of the problem and return the fabric excellent appearance. The methods do not require large financial and time expenditures, and most of the components can be bought in the nearest supermarket.

If there are concerns finally spoil jeans, then in this case it is better to seek help from professionals. In dry cleaning for a small fee to wash the gum from his trousers.

If you do not want to spend their savings, you have to arm themselves with chemicals or try out the impact of more benign means. Do not just give up and refer to the dry cleaners. It should try to withdraw their own cud with denim.

Important! As soon as it became clear that chewing gum stuck to the things you should not procrastinate, you need as soon as possible to get home and immediately begin saving jeans. The more time passes, the more it will stick to the fabric, so you should remove it quickly.

How to scrub the gum from the pants folk ways

There are many folk effective ways that can help to quickly scrub the gum from his trousers, and the result is not inferior to professional cleaning.

How to display the cud with trousers iron

Remove sticky lump help ordinary iron, which is present in each apartment. But they need to use extreme caution. Stroking problem area is possible only through a piece of cotton cloth, otherwise the gum under high temperature melt and even more vestsya. If you carry out the procedure fails, remove the rubber band will be possible only with the help of dry cleaning.

As of jeans scrub gum alcohol

Ammonia is invaluable in providing first aid, it should be in every home. That it can save your favorite thing. To clean the gum with jeans, a cotton ball or a piece of thick fabric should be well soaked in alcohol, and then applied to the tissue. Wait 40 minutes and remove the remains of a stiff brush.

How to remove gum steam jeans

Exposure to high temperatures help remove stuck lump. It is important not to overdo it and not to aggravate the situation.

The high capacity is necessary to boil the water. Hold over boiling pot jeans or place on its wall. Wait 5 minutes and then softened with sharp scissors to separate a lump. It should be done carefully, otherwise you can spoil a thing.

How to Clean jeans gum vinegar

An ordinary apple cider vinegar will help to put the spot on the gum on his trousers. The plate need to pour a glass of water and the same amount of vinegar, a little heated. Plot tissue where stuck gum, wet in the solution and wait a few minutes. The mixture will dissolve and soften the gum, you can easily erase the normal brush. Immediately after the procedure, the pants should be washed in the washing machine, you can pre-soak briefly.

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How to wash the gum from the oil trousers

One of the most accessible ways, because the oil can be found in the refrigerator at any housewife. You can use vegetable linseed. We need to act very carefully, because the oil reserves persistent traces.

To erase the gum should be shed on this place a little oil. Cover with a cotton pad. When the gum becomes softer, it can be gently scraped off with sharp scissors.

How to wash jeans gum from boiling water

Boiling water will help soften the gum and remove it without any problems. The disadvantage of this method is that one handle is impossible, so you have to ask for anyone's help. First you must boil a large pot of water. Slowly pour boiling water on a sticky lump, at the same time to clear the remnants of a knife.

If you completely remove the gum did not work, it is worth to resort to another method. It is necessary to boil a lot of water and pour it into the bucket. Wait until the water has cooled slightly and put the pants. Leave on for 40 minutes. This will help you easily scrub the gum ordinary toothbrush.

How to remove chewing gum from jeans freeze

The most effective way that does not require any extra effort. Jeans can be placed in a plastic bag and leave them for a few hours. If you freeze the gum together with denim, it will be quite hard, it can be quickly removed.

You can use normal ice cubes. Gum freezes, it can be easily removed. You need to put a couple of ice cubes in a bag and cover them with a problem area adhered gum. Wait half an hour, the remains scraped off with a knife, wash and dry the thing to remove the stain.

How to display the cud with jeans hairdryer

Withdraw from jeans chewing gum will help the flow of hot air. Hairdryer enjoyed almost every girl, but few realize that it will help to remove sticky lump on your favorite pants. It's important to warm up denim. Wait until a lump melts a bit, remove the remnants of an old toothbrush.

Attention! Dryer can be directed exclusively to the wrong side of the article! Otherwise, the gum can melt and remove it on your own will not work.

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