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How to remove the smell of sweat from the armpits

Get rid of the smell of sweat under the arms can be different, however, initially sweating is not a problem. This is a completely natural process, aimed at helping the human body to maintain a constant temperature. In addition, together with the sweat from the pores out various toxins and waste products that contribute to the overall cleansing of the body. The problems start when the sebaceous glands secrete too much fluid in the armpits, and this is largely linked to lifestyle and nutrition.

Reasons smell of armpits

Sweat itself does not smell. Unpleasant smell arises from sebaceous secretions contact with the skin surface, which contains keratin. It softens and turns into an environment ideal for the breeding of harmful bacteria. It is they, rather, their metabolic products and are the cause of the sharp smell of armpits.

Thus, the favorable resolution of the problem depends on finding the causes of what exactly causes excessive sweating.

How to reduce the smell of sweat under the arms

A strong smell from the armpits of women and men is observed in the following situations:

  • Overweight. This is one of the most frequent causes of odor in the armpits, because excessive fullness causes serious disturbances in the metabolism of the body. It becomes difficult to keep a constant body temperature, which leads to hyperhidrosis - excessive sebaceous glands.
  • Diseases of internal organs. In particular, the problem may be caused by a dysfunction of the liver, disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes and diphtheria. Pot thus acquires a slightly different odor: acetone, hydrogen sulfide, etc., the details depend upon the particular disease...
  • Medication. Sometimes hyperhidrosis is the use of drugs such as morphine, analgin and diphenhydramine. Generally, the sebaceous gland stimulates receiving antispasmodics.
  • Hair in the armpits. Excess scalp art promotes the accumulation of perspiration and bacteria.
  • unhealthy eating. Abuse of sweet as well as acute, fatty and fried foods leads to steadily increased perspiration. Also, do not get carried away coffee, strong tea and alcohol to get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat from the armpits.
  • Wrong selection of wardrobe. Clothing made of synthetic fabrics are not breathable and does not allow the body to breathe. Greenhouse, which begins under the influence of intense sweating.
  • Stress. Different stressful situations naturally cause profuse sweating, but sometimes it goes beyond the norm when the person is a long time in suspense. In this case, helps the tea with lemon balm and mint, you can also drink soft course of sedatives on the basis of herbal.
  • Violation of the rules of hygiene. To get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat under the armpits, you need at least 1 times a day to take a shower and change clothes regularly. At the same time abuse the detergent is not necessary, so as not to dry up the skin.

In most cases, get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat under the arms is as simple as adjusting the power. Enough to reduce consumption of sugary, starchy foods, fast food and dilute the diet of fruits and vegetables. It is also advisable to drink plenty of fluids - at least 1 gallon of water per day.

Folk remedies for underarm perspiration odor

If the adjustment of diet and lifestyle does not help, and it's not about health problems, the assistance may come to people's ways to deal with later. The most gentle means include various herbal infusions and decoctions, which are designed to reduce sweating. Unlike many pharmaceutical drugs, they have virtually no side effects and limitations, that is suitable for sensitive skin.

Important! The disadvantage is the need for national resources reusable. To get rid of the odor, it takes a few times to put means for the problem area.

Soda from underarm perspiration odor

Ordinary baking soda - the most common substance among all the available tools to deal with the smell of sweat. It is cheap and is in every house.

The processing procedure is very simple substance in an amount of 2 tbsp. l. is applied to the underarm area and washed off after 5-8 minutes with warm water. To enhance the effect must be carefully wipe the skin and apply a baking soda on your armpits again, already dry. This treatment eliminates the excessive sweating.

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Increased action has a combination of baking soda and tea tree oil: 1 hour. l. soda diluted in a glass of boiling water and waiting when the solution cools. Then, it is added 2-3 drops of oil. The resulting composition is used for rubbing 2 times a day, morning and evening. Regular application of the mixture helps to get rid of sweating in the problem area.

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